A bicycle made for two! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gets a lift from fiancé Jason Statham as they take an electric bike ride through London ‎


This pair is sizzling in Tinseltown.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley And Jason Statham Ride On, 52% OFF

During a recent outing in London, the inseparable couple, Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, were spotted enjoying an electric bike ride together. The 53-year-old Fast and Furious actor and his 33-year-old model fiancée kept themselves cozy while exploring the city on their ride.

Happy couple: Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were spotted enjoying an electric bike ride together in London

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were recently seen having a great time riding electric bikes together around London. Jason was looking quite comfortable in his black puffy jacket, grey joggers, and wooly hat, while Rosie looked elegant in a navy belt wool coat, black cat-eye sunglasses, and her blonde hair parted in the center. The couple’s appearance in London is noteworthy because they recently decided to sell their California mansion in favor of a luxurious home in their home country.

Fun:  Fast and Furious star Jason, 53, and model and actress Rosie, 33, wrapped up warm for the spin across the city

Jason, the popular actor from Fast and Furious at the age of 53, and Rosie, the 33-year-old model and actress, enjoyed a fun-filled ride around the city while keeping warm. According to The Sun, the celebrity couple has reportedly bought a lavish property worth £7.5million in the posh area of Chelsea. The publication’s insider revealed that due to the ongoing pandemic, they wanted to be closer to their families and friends in the UK.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley And Jason Statham Ride On, 52% OFF

After an extensive search for a suitable home, they have finally stumbled upon their ideal abode, and they are over the moon about it.

New home: It comes after the couple reportedly decided to ditch their California mansion in favour of a luxury pad in their home country (pictured in 2016)

The couple is said to have chosen to abandon their California mansion and opt for a deluxe residence in their home country, leading to the acquisition of their new home. A picture from 2016 depicts the newly acquired property.

Wow! They sold their £14million Malibu beach house  last year, after first putting the property on the market for a whopping £15.5million in October 2019


Amazing! Last year, they managed to sell their beach house in Malibu that was worth £14 million. It was initially listed for sale at a staggering price of £15.5 million in October 2019.

Lavish: Jason originally bought the 3,909 square foot home back in 2009, one year before he sparked up a romance with his fiancée Rosie

Jason purchased his spacious 3,909 square foot home in 2009, a year before he began dating his fiancée Rosie. The couple decided to sell their luxurious Malibu beach house for a staggering £14 million last year, after initially listing it for £15.5 million in October 2019. Rosie, a former Victoria’s Secret model, has been with Jason since 2010, and together, they welcomed their son Jack in June 2017. Despite residing in California, the Hollywood power couple recently returned to London during the UK’s second COVID-19 lockdown.

Happy couple: The Hollywood couple, who have been residing in California, recently flew back to London where they spent the UK's second coronavirus lockdown

The celebrity couple, who have been residing in California, have flown back to London recently to spend their time during the second coronavirus lockdown in the UK. Rosie has revealed that she often feels pressured to undergo invasive procedures in LA, but is hesitant about doing anything “extreme” to her body. She shared with the Daily Mail’s Eden Confidential column that she is cautious, especially in LA where people offer her breakfast and Botox at the same time. She prefers to skip the Botox and enjoy her breakfast instead. Rosie doesn’t worry about her lips as they stay in good shape naturally. The former Burberry model also talked about her relationship with Jason, saying that their bond is so strong that she doesn’t feel jealous when he kisses other women on-screen.

Couple goals: The former Victoria's Secret Angel has been in a long-term relationship with Jason since 2010 and they welcomed son Jack, three, into the world in June 2017

Couple goals: Jason and Rosie have been in a committed relationship since 2010 and their son Jack, who was born in June 2017, has been the center of their world. Although Rosie has had to kiss celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez for work reasons, she admitted that she never gets jealous. During an Instagram Q&A session, a fan asked her if she ever gets envious when Jason has kissing scenes with other actresses on-screen. Rosie responded confidently with a “nope” and added laughing and shrugging emojis. Rosie went on to share what she values in others, which included honesty, humor, positivity, ambition, vision, warmth, humility, integrity, good manners, and authenticity. Rosie also expressed how grateful she is for her son Jack Oscar, whom she adores. Despite keeping her personal life private, Rosie’s admiration for her son shines through in her social media posts.


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