Scary hunting scenes of crocodiles


 Witness life-and-death scenes at a glance of wild animals in front of crocodiles’ teeth.

As cold-blooded carnivores, they can live for days without food. Despite their slow appearance, crocodiles are excellent predators and they can attack lions, large ungulates and even sharks,…

Let’s admire the lightning fast hunting scenes of crocodiles:

The large horses come near the lagoon to drink water
and can die at any time.

Small animals such as deer and elk can be eaten by crocodiles.

Although the weight is smaller than elephants, crocodiles still dare to attack.


Even strong buffaloes can’t struggle from
the teeth of this ferocious animal.

This species also attacks tigers, lions, leopards, …

Crocodiles even attack their own kind.

Particularly, there is a crocodile that does not eat meat because there is a
symbiotic relationship between them, the playing bird eats the parasites
living in the crocodile’s mouth.


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