Her best friend – From sweet girl to hot pink ball


Possessing a chubby face, how did Selena Gomez apply makeup to transform into a sexy?


Referring to Selena Gomez, in addition to the turbulent love story with Justin Bieber, people will immediately think of a girl with a round face and pure, innocent appearance. Attracting viewers with sparkling eyes and sweet smile. Selena Gomez is always the face of many magazines as well as many famous fashion brands. Despite possessing a rather “Asian” beauty without an angular face and sexy thick lips, it is not because of that that Bad Liar’s voice cannot conquer all eyes. It is the beauty that is both classical and bold in her Latin style that resonates with her  makeup style that enhances her charm, Selena always shines with hot beauty.


Since transforming the image from an innocent princess to the most sexy lady, “old love” Justin Bieber has always transformed with more makeup styles. However, beautiful people often choose for themselves neutral makeup tones with warm colors. In addition, transparent makeup “yes but no” or just pressing on the eyes and lips is the choice for Selena to assert her own style.


Selena's makeup style is beautiful

Photo: InStyle

Few people know that behind her shimmering appearance is thanks to the hands of Vietnamese makeup artist Hung Vanngo. Ngo Van Hung, who is known as a famous makeup witch, has collaborated with many Hollywood beauties. He is a major contributor to shaping the current glamorous style of Selena Gomez. Hung Vanngo’s disruptive makeup style has created an attractive look for Selena and has repeatedly become the leader of the year’s makeup trend.



Selena 5 makeup style

Photo: InStyle



The most prominent in almost every makeup layout of Selena is probably the seductive coppery smokey eyes. With healthy brown skin, black eyes, bronze color is a suitable choice. Therefore, choosing a shimmering bronze color to cover the upper eyelid, the innermost socket of the eye and the lower eyelid edge will help the beauty shine more. In addition, to add depth to the eyes, the eyelid crease and the outer corner of the eye will be applied with a matte brown powder.

Selena 1 makeup style

Photo: Hùng Văn ngô


Beautiful Selena makeup style

Photo: Twitter


At every red carpet event, beauties often choose a matte foundation with bronzer on both cheeks. If the Disney princess has pressed the eyes very hard, the lips will be nude and vice versa, the minimalist eyes will accompany the vibrant lips. Besides, cosmetics such as highlighter and contouring are also indispensable. This is how makeup to create more angles for an inherently chubby face of Selena.

Selena 4 makeup style

Photo: Refinery29

Selena's makeup style

Photo: Glamor



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