Shimmering herons in the sun


The heron is a wading bird. The heron’s name derives mainly from the fact that they have white or gaudy plumage. Herons mainly live in wet areas and feed on fish, frogs, frogs as well as other aquatic animals.
Ngắm bộ lông tuyệt đẹp của cò Tuyết
According to some scientists, egrets are considered to be among the most intelligent of all birds, as reflected in their diversity, flexibility and high adaptability in search of prey.
Every year, many migratory herons fly to Shahu Lake in the Hui Ningxia region (China) to rest and nurture their young.


White herons at Tianmahu resort in Qinhuangdao city, Hebei province (China).

Herons show off their white feathers in the sun.

A white heron prepares to leave the nest

While their parents went to feed, the young birds obediently stayed in the nest waiting to be fed.

White herons on the marshes of Lake Shahu area.



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