Strange UFO detected in the sky of China


Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) created a bright streak of light in the sky over the city of Qiqihar in northern China’s Heilongjiang province on the evening of February 13, Chinese media reported.

Strange UFO detected in the sky of China - Photo 1.

Recently, many images posted on social networks have shown unidentified glowing balls flying in one direction in the sky in northern China’s Heilongjiang province, causing people to bewildered.

Strange UFO detected in the sky of China - Photo 2.

According to local media reports, at around 17:23 local time (09:23 GMT) on February 13, the people of Qiqihar witnessed a series of objects flying in the sky, leaving behind lights. glow and then disappear, as seen in the video.

Strange UFO detected in the sky of China - Photo 3.

Local meteorologists claim that they have no information regarding the discovered objects and cannot provide any details about them .

Strange UFO detected in the sky of China - Photo 4.

Local authorities said there were no warning signs of military drills and urged residents not to panic. However, Qiqihar air defense officials said there was nothing to worry about about flying objects.


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