‘Hummingbird’ Trailer: Jason Statham Cleans Up the Streets of London ‎


Check out the trailer for ‘Hummingbird’ where Jason Statham takes on the criminal underworld in London. It is worth noting that this movie is the first directed by screenwriter Steven Knight, who previously wrote ‘Eastern Promises’.

Hummingbird - Movie Clip #2 - In Cinemas June 28 - YouTube

Steve Knight, a talented screenwriter nominated for an Oscar, is embarking on his first writing and directing venture with “Hummingbird,” an intense thriller featuring Jason Statham as a tough character struggling with his conscience. In this film, Statham portrays an ex-special forces soldier who chooses to run away instead of facing the repercussions of a court martial.

Hummingbird' review

In the story, Stath is portrayed as a homeless and lost individual who struggles to survive on the rough streets of London at night. However, fate intervenes in his life and presents him with an opportunity to start anew by assuming another man’s identity. Initially, everything seems to go smoothly until he feels obligated to repay an emotional debt, which motivates him to take on the criminal underworld of the city all by himself, as shown in the trailer.


หนัง Hummingbird หนังใหม่ เจสัน สเตแธม

Supporting actors like Vicky McClure (known for her role in Line of Duty), Benedict Wong (from Prometheus), and Siobhan Hewlett (who appeared in Sherlock) are rounding out the cast of the upcoming film Hummingbird. In addition, the film’s writer, Knight, is working with acclaimed professionals behind the scenes, including two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer Chris Menges (who previously collaborated with Knight on Dirty Pretty Things) and Oscar-winning composer Dario Marianelli (known for his work on V for Vendetta and Atonement).


Hummingbird Review - IGN

Statham’s fans can expect to see him in action-packed scenes where he takes down the bad guys in Hυmmiпgbird, but overall, this film seems to be a standout addition to Statham’s repertoire. Knight, known for incorporating social and political issues into his scripts for films like Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises, continues this trend with his directorial debut in Hummingbird.

หนัง Hummingbird หนังใหม่ เจสัน สเตแธม

The film “Hummingbird” may not receive as much critical recognition as other films written by Kight due to his directing skills being slightly behind those of directors like Stephen Frears (“Dirty Pretty Things”) and David Cronenberg (“Eastern Promises”). However, it could be a unique opportunity for Statham to showcase his dramatic acting abilities rather than relying solely on his physical prowess.


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