Fabulous Floral Fête: Selena Gomez Celebrates 26th Birthday with Yacht Bash


Selena Gomez, a global pop star, celebrated her 26th birthday with a low-key gathering of friends on a luxurious yacht off the coast of Orange County. Despite being a well-known personality, she kept the celebration private. For the occasion, Selena wore an off-the-shoulder dress that was breathtaking and made sure that her birthday was marked in style.

'Another year down': Selena Gomez stuck to a private affair with pals when she rang in her 26th birthday this Sunday with a swank yacht party off of Orange County

Selena Gomez celebrated her 26th birthday in a low-key manner with her friends on a luxurious boat party off the coast of Orange County. The singer looked stunning in a white summery dress embellished with a floral pink motif and ruffled lining, which added a touch of glamour to her outfit. The sheer fabric of the dress gave a glimpse of her well-toned figure, while a white underlayer elevated its overall appeal. Selena was in good company, surrounded by close friends such as Raquelle Stevens, her confidante, and Raquelle’s brother Caleb, whom she has been linked to romantically in recent times.

Floral fancy: The singer dressed to impress in a summery white dress that was adorned with an ornate pink, floral motif and a ruffled lining that offered some added pizzazz 

The musician made quite an entrance with her stylish summer outfit. She chose a white dress with a beautiful pink floral pattern, giving it a chic look. The dress was further embellished with a charming ruffled lining that added an extra touch of glam to her look.


According to an anonymous source, Selena Gomez and Caleb Stevens are just friends and not in a romantic relationship. The pop star shared several photos on Instagram from her birthday celebration, including ones where she was cuddling with her girlfriends on a yacht under the beautiful sunset. She was also captured laughing while walking towards her tiered birthday cake with confetti and balloons all around her. The group enjoyed glasses of champagne and basked under the sun, with Selena’s cross necklace shining brightly.

Palling around: Her party included her close pal Raquelle Stevens - as well as, seemingly, Raquelle's brother Caleb (left), whom Selena was recently rumored to be dating

Hanging out: Selena Gomez’s crew for the day consisted of her bestie Raquelle Stevens, and possibly Raquelle’s sibling Caleb (pictured left), who was speculated to be Selena’s love interest not long ago.

Backdrop: An insider recently insisted to People that Selena and Caleb are 'not dating' and are 'absolutely only friends,' and he was not in Selena's Instagram album of the party

Recently, a source claimed to People that Selena and Caleb are just friends and not in a romantic relationship. This source, who seems to be an insider, also noted that Caleb was not included in Selena’s Instagram album from the party.

Quintet: In that album, Selena did snuggle up to a group of girlfriends including Raquelle (second from left) as the yacht glided across the water under a dazzling sunset

In her latest album, Selena Gomez was seen enjoying the company of her girl squad, including Raquelle, as they basked in the stunning sunset while cruising on a yacht. Selena expressed her gratitude to her friends and fans who celebrated her birthday with her, and she couldn’t be more thankful. The party was held on the Ambassador Yacht, which is known for its excellent service and amenities such as the fully equipped galley and wet bar. Moreover, the yacht has been given clearance by the Coast Guard to accommodate up to 149 guests.


Well-stocked: The Texas-born singer was also pictured giggling as she headed toward her tiered birthday cake through a swirl of confetti and balloons

The singer from Texas was photographed with an abundant supply of goodies. She was seen laughing while making her way to her birthday cake, which was decorated with balloons and confetti.

Having a ball: She and her gal pals enjoyed glasses of bubbly as they sat outside on the yacht, Selena's jeweled cross necklace glinting in the sunlight

Selena and her girlfriends had a blast as they enjoyed glasses of sparkling wine while lounging outside on the yacht. The sunlight brought out the glimmer in Selena’s jeweled cross necklace. During the birthday celebration, guests mingled both inside the yacht and on the decks. Festive balloons added to the party atmosphere. An Italian banner with birthday wishes for Selena adorned the indoor dining area, which was also decorated with balloons in the colors of the Italian flag. Selena’s model friend, Connar Franklin, captured the action through Insta Stories, showcasing guests twirling their white napkins above their heads as they danced.

Buzzing: Guests swirled about both inside the yacht and up on the decks during Selena's birthday party, and festive balloons floated here and there

Amidst Selena’s birthday bash, guests were seen milling around inside the yacht and on its decks, creating a lively atmosphere. The party vibe was enhanced by the presence of colorful balloons that added to the festive ambiance.

'BUON COMPLEANNO': Banner text wishing Selena a happy birthday in Italian hung in an indoor dining area, near balloons in the colors of the Italian flag

A banner with the words ‘BUON COMPLEANNO’ was placed in an indoor eating area to wish Selena a great birthday in Italian. The decorations were complete with balloons in the colors of the Italian flag.

Joyful vibe: Once the sun had gone down, the yacht was lit up inside and out, allowing the party to continue unabated into the nighttime hours

Happy Atmosphere: As the sun set, the yacht was illuminated from within and without, keeping the party going strong well into the night. The guests were seated at a long table inside the yacht, making it feel like daytime despite the dark outside. Selena’s assistant Theresa Mingus shared on her Insta Stories the abundance of pasta that guests devoured during the daytime festivities. When night fell, the boat became aglow, giving the party a new life and energy to keep the good times rolling.

Barefoot beauty: Selena slid into a summery chic floral dress with tiers of frills leading down to its hem, as well as encircling its short sleeves

Selena looked effortlessly beautiful as she donned a summer-friendly flowy dress adorned with floral prints. The dress boasted multiple layers of ruffles that cascaded down to its hemline and curved around its short sleeves. Selena’s bare feet completed the relaxed, carefree look.


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