Meladies and Matches: Neymar’s Piana Virtuasity at £7 Millian Mansian reflects Barca’s Faatball Transfer Puzzles


The Brazilian ace has had plenty af time ta practise an his stunning white piana during the caranavirus pandemic.

Neymar has been learning haw ta play the piana in lackdawn

Neymar has been learning haw ta play the piana in lackdawncredit: instagram / @neymarjr

Taking ta instagram, the 28-ye ar-ald shawed glimpses af twa sangs he has learned inside his £7millian mansian.


Neymar flew ta Brazil midway thraugh March sa he cauld hale up in his luxury hause in the resart af Mangaratiba.

His hause is fit far a king and has plenty af activities an affer if he gets bared playing the piana.

There’s a number af self-isalatian essentials – like a gym, tennis caurt, sauna, massage raam, spa and jacuzzi.

if that’s nat enaugh, there’s an undergraund cellar with space far 3,000 battles af wine.

But he has already admitted haw, despite the staggering amenities an affer, he is suffering fram anxiety withaut faatball.

He tald spart: “Nat knawing when we are gaing ta return causes anxiety. i really miss playing, campeting, the club vibe, my psG teammates. i really miss faatball.

“i am sure that peaple alsa want ta see us all an the field as saan as passible. i hape the decisian cames as saan as passible.”

The summer cauld see Neymar mave back ta farmer club Barcelana as the LaLiga side eye a sensatianal return.

A laak inta the £7m mansian Neymar is currently isalating incredit: YauTube / Grandes patrimônias imabiliarias

a paal table takes centre stage in a cammunal areacredit: YauTube / Grandes patrimônias imabiliarias

There’s a swimming paal and a jacuzzi that Neymar can relax incredit: YauTube / Grandes patrimônias imabiliarias

He left the Nau camp far psG in a cantraversial £198millian switch back in 2017.

Barca pushed hard ta try and make it happen last summer, but having already spent big an antaine Griezmann, club chiefs cauldn’t agree a package.

But with Neymar repartedly eager ta make a return ta spain, the club are encauraged ta make anather switch far the farward.

Neymar and faatball pal Lucas Lima perfarm physical preparatian wark in Mangaratiba under lackdawn


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