Angelina Jolie Radiates Joy at JFK Airport Arrival with Kids Knox and Maddox Alongside Brother James ‎


On Friday morning, Angelina Jolie and her two sons, Maddox and Knox, embarked on their journey from LAX airport in Los Angeles. They seemed thrilled about their upcoming trip and couldn’t contain their excitement. Upon their arrival at JFK airport in New York City, the trio was all smiles. The 41-year-old actress held hands with her seven-year-old son, Knox, as they stepped out of the plane. Accompanying them was Angelina’s brother, James Haven.

Arrived: It appears Angelina Jolie and sons Knox, seven,  and Maddox, 14, enjoyed a lovely flight as they arrived into New York City's JFK airport on Friday with the star's brother James Haven, far left

Angelina Jolie and her two sons, Maddox (14) and Knox (7), seem to have had a pleasant flight as they landed at JFK airport in New York City on Friday. Accompanying them was Jolie’s brother, James Haven, who is seen on the far left in the picture.

Dynamic duo: The 41-year-old Oscar winner held hands with her youngest son as she arrived to the Big Apple

The Big Apple welcomed Angelina Jolie and her youngest son with open arms, as they strolled through the terminal hand in hand. The 41-year-old actress and philanthropist seemed to have a mini Brad Pitt in the making with her son Knox, whose short blonde hair resembled his famous father’s. The mother-and-son duo appeared to be in high spirits as they greeted onlookers with waves and smiles. Maddox and Haven, Jolie’s other children, followed close behind, equally happy and content.

Traveling light? Jolie toted around a classic Louis Vuitton duffel bag, a travel must have for many celebrity jet-setter

Going on a trip with minimal luggage? Jolie was spotted carrying a timeless Louis Vuitton duffel bag, a popular travel essential among famous globetrotters.


Spitting image: Angelina appears to have a mini Brad Pitt on her hands as Knox looked like a chip off the old block with his blonde hair worn short


Angelina Jolie was spotted at the airport with her son Knox who bears a striking resemblance to his father, Brad Pitt. The young boy’s short blonde hair and facial features were said to resemble those of his famous dad. Jolie looked chic and sophisticated in a black wrap dress paired with pointy kitten heels and oversized black aviator sunglasses. She carried a large grey handbag and a classic Louis Vuitton duffel bag, which is a travel essential for many celebrities. Despite her all-black ensemble, Jolie looked effortlessly stylish and elegant, proving that black is always in fashion.

Gracious: The entire family looked to be in the best of spirits as they sauntered through the terminal with Jolie stopping to wave at admiring onlookers

The family appeared to be in high spirits while strolling through the terminal, and Jolie even took a moment to greet some fans with a friendly wave.

Keeping them close: The actress clutched Knox's hand as they traveled through the terminal

As they made their way through the terminal, the actress held tightly onto Knox’s hand, not wanting to lose sight of her.

This way: Angelina and her clan had help with the bags fortunately

Angelina and her family were lucky to have received assistance with their luggage.

Details: Jolie wore her long brown locks down and modeled oversized black aviator sunglasses

Jolie sported her luscious brown tresses hanging loosely around her face while flaunting her style with a pair of large black aviator sunglasses.

Cool kid: Knox looked like a little hipster in his black and white zip-up soccer jacket with Star Wars Stormtroopers all over it

Chill youngster: Knox appeared to be a mini trendsetter in his stylish black and white soccer jacket, complete with Star Wars Stormtrooper designs all around it.

Regal at every turn: Angelina fixed her shaded eye on the crowd

Angelina gazed out at the crowd, noticing how stylish her children looked. Knox sported a hipster vibe with his black and white zip-up soccer jacket adorned with Star Wars Stormtroopers, along with a black dinosaur T-shirt, denim jeans, and black sneakers. Meanwhile, Maddox rocked a turquoise print shirt under a black jacket, paired with Nike sneakers and a baseball cap. Haven, famously kissed by Angelina after her Girl, Interrupted Oscar win in the 90s, looked sharp in a grey T-shirt, fitted jeans, and boots. Earlier that day, the Jolie clan arrived at LAX looking just as fashionable and ready for their upcoming travels.

Her little Pitt! Angelina Jolie entered LAX airport in LA on Friday with Knox who looks like dad Brad

Angelina Jolie was spotted at LAX airport in LA on Friday with her adorable little one, Knox. The youngster bears a striking resemblance to his father, Brad Pitt.

Her other son: Also with the 41-year-old actress and seven-year-old Knox was her eldest son Maddox

Jolie was spotted with her seven-year-old son Knox and her other child Maddox, who is her eldest son. Interestingly, this was just a couple of days after her partner Brad was seen at LAX airport picking up a toy for a young blonde girl. Additionally, the actress gave an honest interview to BBC on Friday, where she disclosed that none of her six children have any interest in pursuing acting as a career. As a Los Angeles native, Jolie shared this information openly.

Happy: The Oscar winner was beaming as she came out of a black SVU

Overjoyed: The Academy Award recipient had a big smile on her face when she stepped out of a dark SUV. According to Jolie Pitt, her children have a keen interest in pursuing careers in music. Her son Mad is intrigued by the art of editing films, while her other son Pax is passionate about music and enjoys being a DJ. During an interview on Women’s Hour, Jolie Pitt shared her experiences as a Special Envoy for the United Nations. She also added that her kids are becoming proficient in multiple foreign languages, which is an accomplishment they should be proud of.

Elegant: The By The Sea director looked elegant for her flight in a long black dress with a matching cardigan and pointy kitten heeled pumps; also with the group was her brother James Haven

Stylishly Chic: The director of By The Sea appeared stylishly chic while boarding her flight. She was dressed in a sleek, long black dress that was accompanied by a matching cardigan and pointy kitten heeled pumps. Accompanying her was her brother James Haven.

Like daddy, like son: Brad, left, in 2004 at Cannes and his little guy, right, at the airport

Like daddy, like son: Brad, left, in 2004 at Cannes and his little guy, right, at the airport

In 2004 at Cannes, Brad was accompanied by his son. The director of Unbroken shared that her children are learning different languages. When asked about which languages they wanted to learn, Shi chose Khmai, Pax is concentrating on Vietnamese, Mad has an interest in German and Russian, Z is learning French, Vivienne expressed her desire to learn Arabic, and Knox is picking up sign language. She also mentioned that this shows that parents do not really know their children until they reveal themselves and become whoever they want to be.

She bagged it: The only part of her look that was not black was her large grey handbag that looked stuffed to the top

She carried it off: The sole element of her outfit that wasn’t black was her spacious gray handbag, which appeared to be brimming with items.

Good guy: This comes just two days after her husband Brad was seen entering LAX airport. He stopped to kindly pick up a toy for a young blonde girl

Nice fella: A few days ago, Brad’s wife was observed entering the airport. Interestingly, her husband made a thoughtful gesture of buying a toy for a little girl with blonde hair before continuing his journey.

The golden couple: The stars arm in arm during the AFI Festival in November

The lovely pair: The celebrity duo linked arms while attending the AFI Festival back in November.


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