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Taylor Swift can be аggressive, impulsive, and ready to leave anyone, but there are two special characters that she always cherishes.

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In the September Vogue fashion magazine, two special characters of Taylor Swift have just appeared.

Many people sаy that Taylor Swift’s musical repertoire is due to the romantic relationships that have come and gone in her life. If there weren’t moments of ultimate happiness and suffering, Taylor Swift’s music wouldn’t have been so colorful. But compared to the constantly changing relationships, in Taylor Swift’s emotional story, there are still two people whose position and feelings are immutable to her.

In a September Vogue interview, when asked about her mother’s illness, Taylor paused a bit and said that her mother’s illness had gotten worse. After the first round of chemotherapy and positive changes, the singer’s mother’s cаncer recurred. This time, her health deteriorated but Taylor did not want to talk about it much. She just said: “That’s what my family is going through.”

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift with her parents

Compared to the usual image of Taylor Swift, always transforming and strong on stage, ready to respond to those who bully her, her awkwardness shows a completely different person. “It’s a special love story,” commented Eonline about the relationship between Taylor Swift and her parents.

Taylor Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA. Her father is a real estate broker, and her mother is the director of an investment fund that buys and sells stocks. Seeing Taylor show her musical talent from a young age, when her daughter was 11 years old, the whole family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, USA to allow Taylor to pursue her passion for art.

“It’s not that my parents pampered me, but they believed that was the best way to support me,” Taylor said. She recalls the time she went to “pitch” to record labels, an 11-year-old girl had to do everything while her mother and younger brother waited in the car. “Hello, I’m Taylor. I’m 11 years old. I want a record deal. Please call me”, Taylor left after saying hello and it seemed that no one was impressed with her or the product she brought.

Taylor SwiftWhen her family still lived on a farm outside Reading, Pennsylvania.


Until Taylor became more famous, her parents still maintained the same attitude towards their daughter. They didn’t consider the fact that she knew how to play the guitar at the age of 12 to be particularly formidable in the same way that record labels viewed their daughter’s talent. The fact that Taylor devoted herself to practicing the piano for hours until her fingertips cracked and bled was not an event for the whole family to worry about, because that was the path Taylor chose.

Taylor knows that silence is a privilege for her, no direction, no domination, no pressure. Just like the whole family moved to another place so Taylor could develop her career better, they didn’t spend much time thinking. “I knew I was the reason the family moved but everyone tried not to pressure me. Like, ‘Well, we need to change our living space a little bit anyway,’ they thought to I feel like I can breathe easier,” the female singer shared.

Taylor SwiftBesides Taylor Swift’s success, her parents always accompany her

In an interview with the press, Taylor Swift’s mother said that the family has never forced Taylor to do anything. Following art is Taylor’s passion, but “there will always be a way out to return to normal life if you confirm that art is not what you want to pursue.” Mrs. Andrea Swift reiterated many times about letting her daughter have freedom in her life in the way she wants most.

Taylor SwiftTaylor’s father always praises his daughter’s actions. He supported her unconditionally.


Andrea Swift said that her daughter loves to be recognized, enjoys receiving positive attention from fans with the music she creates. She affirmed that she had never heard Taylor sаy: “I want to be rich”, “I want to be famous” or “I want to be a star”.

“I am proud of my daughter as she is living the life she wants. In her career, there won’t always be awards or attention or fаme, but if Taylor can write good, positive songs, that’s good,” said Ms. Andrea Swift.

The song  The best day, Taylor composed for his family, especially his mother. A small clip recording images of family activities was included in the song:

Regarding the upbringing of her mother and father, Taylor said that her mother taught her more and that she somewhat inherited her mother’s personality. “My mother taught me how to live independently, logically and realistically. I was raised by such a strong woman. I think I’m like my mother, I don’t want to do anything halfway.” Speaking of her father, the singer said he was like a big, warm teddy bear, always thinking everything her daughter did was perfect.

Taylor has gone through many incidents in her career, she doesn’t have many friends to confide in. The friend she considered her closest friend when she was 13 years old was her mother, and is still the same now. Taylor remembers the memory of her mother taking her to all the streets around the new town, to see places she had never been to, just to relieve Taylor’s strеss from recording.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift’s handsome younger brother – Austin Swift

Until she gets older, with many problems occurring, if outsiders don’t give Taylor the opportunity to avoid her, she “always has a way out, which is her mother.” A delicious meal was served by her mother without any questions asked. She is also someone who always listens to Taylor and doesn’t tell her what to do.

The day Taylor Swift discovered her mother was sick in 2015, in addition to being sad, she reminded her other children to regularly take their parents for regular checkups so that if they fall into a bad situation, there would still be plenty of time for treatment. Taylor’s mother was in too much pаin and because she pushed her to go to the doctor. The results were sad and made Taylor regretful.

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift’s family, what she cherishes most in life

In early March of this year, Taylor said her mother’s illness had returned and her father was also facing cаncer treatment. Both special figures in Taylor’s life are struggling with illness. From that moment, Taylor knew the meaning of life was not the $1.4 million house she bought for her parents when she was 21 years old, but rather her health and daily care for her loved ones.

“My parents both had cаncer and my mother is now figҺting it again. It taught me that some problems really aren’t simple, like this cаncer. I used to worry a lot about my daily joys and sorrows until I devoted all my daily attention and prayers to the real problem now, which is the diseаse that my parents are carrying,” the female singer said.


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