Taylor Swift at Victoria’s Secret in the past: 2 times “beautiful” the angels, but raised the question of stopping playing with close sisters?


Sip a cup of tea and watch Taylor Swift in the past and “look forward to” some drama!



After the shock with the family “Kim round 3”, Taylor Swift has returned with a completely different appearance, personality and stronger, her body because that also changed, from slim to full, more vitality. No matter how she is, the fans still support her, but sometimes, people still can’t help but remember the old Taylor Swift, when she made the Victoria’s Secret catwalk explode in 2013 and 2014 with her appearance. his excellence.



Victoria’s Secret 2013


The first time appeared at Victoria’s Secret, but Taylor made a strong impression and helped the 2013 catwalk become one of the most memorable shows of the American lingerie brand. The singer wore a mini skirt with sparkling stones, in the scene of the catwalk, plus the lighting effects, Taylor literally and figuratively shone. Blonde hair, smoky makeup, honey skin and beautiful legs have helped Taylor successfully occupy a bit of the spotlight of the hot “angels”.






Having the advantage of being taller than 1m70, Taylor is no slouch when she catwalks next to one of the cult “angels” – Candice Swanepoel

Next, she changed into an outfit inspired by the American flag, ton-sur-ton from hats, chokers, skirts and boots. Taylor’s interaction with her close sister Cara Delevinge made the audience excited. It can be said that Taylor’s charisma and ability to master the stage is really “amazing good job”.









Not only Taylor, but the show in 2013 was also highly appreciated, especially the performance inspired by winter snow by the “angels”, who were all extremely hot and beautiful. 2013 was also the year “angel” Candice put on a fantasy bra worth millions of dollars.









Victoria’s Secret 2014

Back in 2014, Taylor still did not disappoint the audience. She switched to short hair, applied red lipstick and wore a see-through black dress, covered with a set of lingerie in the same tone, giving an image of a mature, irresistible woman. 









But it was only when she appeared in a set of nightgowns and gowns that Taylor made the audience “crazy” because her round 1 “o forced” made people hold their breath. Of course, she also has to thank the dress with a new supporting chest design to help her show off her sexy bust. Taylor was a bit “mlem mlem” at that time.






Following the success of the 2013 show, Victoria’s Secret 2014 still maintains its style and delivers spectacular performances and costumes. The highlight of the show must be the double catwalk of two “angels” Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio to show two blue and red fantasy bras.











In addition, there is a side story that is also “waited” by many people, which is the friendship between Taylor Swift and “angel” Karlie Kloss. Attracting attention because of her similar face to Taylor and the nickname “Victoria’s Secret’s first short-haired angel”, Karlie quickly attracted a lot of attention. The pair of close friends used to have a time like the picture with the ball, always expressing their feelings on social networks. However, in 2017, fans began to notice strange signs from both sides.




In 2017, Karlie did not celebrate National Day with Taylor and close friends at the singer’s house like every year, but appeared with Kendall Jenner, the sister of the enemy “Kim round 3”. However, after that, Karlie still posted happy birthday to Taylor as usual. In an interview when talking about close friends, Karlie did not mention Taylor. In an Instagram post, Karlie also used the word “swish swish” to caption, coincidentally, this is the title of a song by Katy Perry, at which time Katy and Taylor were at odds.




Taylor Swift at Victoria's Secret in the past: 2 times were "beautiful"  angels, but raised the question of not hanging out with close sisters?  - Photo 8.

When Taylor returned to the music industry with the MV Look What You Made Me Do , on the T-shirt with the names of her close friends, fans could not find Karlie’s name, Taylor also did not attend Karlie’s wedding in 2019 despite many sources. believe that the two are still good friends. Then when the dispute between Taylor and Scooter Braun took place, I don’t know if Karlie slipped or not but dropped a “like” for a tweet that defamed Taylor, she quickly retracted that “like” right away. From the above data and looking at the present, it is not difficult for fans to speculate about a rift between this once-most popular Hollywood friendship.

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