Tear the net De Gea, Brighton hero breaks the silence


Sharing with Sky Sports, midfielder Alexis Mac Allister expressed his feelings after helping the home team defeat Man Utd.
I cost us the game" - Luke Shaw takes the blame for last-gasp defeat against  Brighton & Hove Albion - Man Utd News

Man United was empty-handed when leaving The Amex Stadium. The goal in the 90+9′ minute on the 11m mark of Alexis Mac Allister helped Brighton win at least 1-0 . The Red Devils face the risk of being surpassed by Liverpool on the table when the gap between the two teams is only four points.
Man Utd player ratings v Brighton - Two score 8/10 but four get 5/10 in 1-0  loss | ManchesterWorld

The statistics after the match show the superiority of the home team Brighton. Coach Roberto De Zerbi’s teachers and students launched 22 shots, including 6 shots on target; accounted for 60% of the ball possession time, made 550 passes with an accuracy rate of 86%.

Alexis Mac Allister: 'We did everything to score' - Football
Mac Allister scored the only goal of the game.

On the side of 

Man United , Erik ten Hag’s army kept a clean sheet until the end of the match. Unfortunately, Luke Shaw let the ball touch his hand in a corner kick situation of Brighton.
Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag bemoans 'annoying' last-gasp defeat at Brighton -  The Irish News

Sharing with Sky Sports after the game, Alexis Mac Allister said: “Brighton tried everything to score but couldn’t. In the end, we got the penalty. It was easy to play in this squad. Each day, Brighton helps me become a better version of myself “.
Brighton vs Manchester United LIVE stream: Result and reaction from Premier  League clash as Mac Allister scores late penalty | The Independent

Victory at home helps Brighton ‘revenge’ successfully Man United after being eliminated by the Red Devils from the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Brighton also has a great opportunity to win tickets to the European Cup next season. 


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