Tensions increase between Mbappe and PSG


According to the French press, striker Kylian Mbappe’s failure to activate the contract extension clause with PSG will put both sides in a difficult position with the club’s current project.

El Real Madrid puede llegar hasta los 200 M€ por Kylian Mbappé

Mbappe signed a contract extension with PSG until June 2024 with the option to extend for another season until June 2025, with a salary that increases significantly after each season. In total, if the contract is completed, the French star will receive up to 630 million euros.

Tensions increased between Mbappe and PSG - Photo 1.

Mbappe can leave PSG in the summer of 2024

However, now Mbappe does not want to activate the extension for one more season, so that he can freely leave in the summer of 2024. In this case, the 24-year-old player will be entitled to negotiate with a new club.

Kylian Mbappé pode faturar 'bolada' se recusar Real Madrid e permanecer no PSG | OneFootball

This is a very unexpected development, making Mbappe’s name at this time more noticeable than two other famous cases in the PSG club, Messi and Neymar, and there is also news that he will part with the team when this season ends.

Choáng Mbappe gửi yêu cầu rời PSG, nhận trọng trách mới ở ĐT Pháp

Mbappe’s constant change of opinion makes the French press tired. “I love Mbappe, but if he goes, there will be other players to replace him. There have been a lot of teams that won the Champions League without Mbappe. Many other teams are also doing very well without him. Many players can completely replace him,” commented journalist Daniel Riolo of RMC channel.

Tensions increased between Mbappe and PSG - Photo 2.

Mbappe (left) has a lot of power at PSG

Earlier,  Mbappe  is said to have committed to stay at PSG for a long time and will activate the extension clause to help the team carry out a new project around him, will no longer focus on Messi and Neymar. “However, the obsession of losing Mbappe continues to return. In my opinion,  PSG  should transfer players who no longer want to stick, don’t let the players think they are kings and manipulate all the power in the back. school, affecting the selection of coaches, sports directors …”, journalist Daniel Riolo reacts.

Meanwhile, another former PSG player, Jerome Rothen, assessed: “Mbappe left PSG without paying the price? It will be dramatic. The team has 1 year left to convince this player to change his mind and find How to keep your best player.”


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