The Ancient Legacy of the Egyptians


The culture of a country makes it unique. Referring to culture, we can mention food culture, dress culture, festivals, travel culture, behavior culture… Understanding the culture of a certain country, especially The place we want to visit or explore is indispensable before every trip. Are you looking forward to coming to the Nile River – the land of Egypt? If you are planning to travel to Egypt , some of the information below about Egyptian culture will be extremely valuable for you!

1. Ancient Egyptian mummification art

The journey to discover Egypt tour not only surrounds the pyramids but deep inside is the ancient Egyptian art of mummification. The art of mummification of the Egyptians was born in 2700 BC and lasted until the 5th century. The ancient Egyptian concept of eternity in the world of the gods after death, so mummification is also a faith for the permanence of the kingdom of Egypt .

The ancient Egyptians used mummification to preserve the body of the deceased intact after centuries
The ancient Egyptian principle of mummification was based on dehydrating the dead body and removing perishable parts such as organs and brains. The art of brain extraction is so ingenious that, for years, anatomists have puzzled over how to protect the skull of a dead person while the brain is perfectly removed. In the next step, the mummy was left in dry natron for about 70 days for pasteurization. Finally, stuffing dried, fragrant grass into the hollow of the internal organs, applying perfumed oil and wrapping the body with a cloth carefully and thoughtfully. The mummy’s fingers were caged with golden tubes. The brain and organs when removed from the mummy were stored in 4 jars.
2. Ancient Egyptian script
Archaeologists have long found hieroglyphic symbols carved on paintings in monuments found during excavations of  Nekhen . The age of these hieroglyphs dates to around 3200 BC. Recently, however, archaeologists have found symbols on Gerzean pottery, 4000 BC, that bear similarities with ancient Egyptian writing . Visitors to Egypt will have the opportunity to admire this ancient script and understand more about the development of human civilization thousands of years BC. 
Egyptologists classify the writing system of Ancient Egypt into the category of hieroglyphics, which is the earliest form of the world’s writing system. Priests created ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs from the first dynasty (2925 – 2775 BC).
Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writing system
Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs were not used since the 4th century. By the 15th century, people began to decipher the ancient Egyptian writing system. By the 19th century, the French archaeologist Champollion had deciphered the Egyptian writing .At the end of the 20th century, it was traced that the alphabet Phoenix (ancestor of the Lebanese) was coined to imitate the Egyptian script. Later, the Jewish, Arab, Greek, and Latino peoples followed the Phoenix alphabet to establish their writing. Today, countries use Latin letters, including Vietnam, France, and England. Countries using the Greek alphabet, including Russia, inherited the legacy of the Egyptian script .
3. Literature – Art of Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptian painting art is worth marveling at by the paintings on the walls in the tombs of the pharaohs, on ancient ceramic materials, etc. The paintings depict scenes of life and production as well as beliefs. customs of the inhabitants and kings of Egypt. Paintings and patterns on pottery and earthenware provided Egyptologists with rich and vivid material.
Ancient Egyptian art was one of the first great arts of the civilized world
The existence to this day of ancient Egyptian paintings can be attributed to the dry climate of  the desert and the lack of light of the catacombs. Ancient Egyptian drawings depict a joyful world for those who die in eternity. Many paintings depict going into the underworld to protect the dead from going back to God because the Egyptians believed that death was just a transfer to a world of gods and this would bless the pharaohs. and the reigning dynasties of Egypt.
Ancient Egyptian pottery art is also very rich and sophisticated. Many tourists, when participating in the Egypt tour , can see the ancient ceramics and can’t help but admire. The ancient Egyptians discovered ceramic glaze quite early, on the surfaces of ancient Egyptian pottery delicately carved small figures depicting many themes. Pottery is often buried with the dead and used in mystical rituals.
Ancient Egyptian ceramic art is also very rich and sophisticated
Papyrus paper is a type of paper invented by the ancient Egyptians, made from the papyrus tree that grows in the Nile Delta. Papyrus paper was used by the ancient Egyptians to record scenes of life including literature, religion, history, and administrative affairs.
4. Ancient Egyptian Architecture
More than 10,000 years ago, the Nile Delta was the birthplace of an early world civilization. Along with the appearance of ancient Egyptian civilization came great construction works on a densely concentrated area. Ancient Egypt has left and contributed to mankind one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which is the  Great Pyramid of Giza and  the giant Sphinx . Two unique architectural works you should not miss when participating in Egypt tour . 

Characteristics of ancient Egyptian architecture show the scarcity of wood materials, so the ancient Egyptians used materials in construction mainly unburnt bricks and stones of all kinds. During the ancient Egyptian dynasties, stone materials were used mainly. Sometimes, brick materials were used in the construction of Emperors’ castles, fortresses and some other civil works such as castle walls, temples and towns and ancillary buildings. less important support in temples. Many small buildings of ancient Egypt were destroyed and washed away by the unusual fury of 

the Nile. However, due to the dry, hot climate of Egypt, it also helps to preserve many of the unburnt brick buildings. For example, today there are still a few villages such as Deir al-Madinah, the fortress of Buhen and Mirgissa. Stone structures on high ground are not affected by the floods of the Nile but are also affected by the existing sandstorms in this area.

The giant Sphinx statue, a testament to the quintessence of ancient Egyptian architecture
The most impressive thing that attracts visitors when coming to Egypt is the construction techniques of the ancient Egyptians . The monumental, tall and accurate works according to the cosmological concept of the ancient Egyptians to this day also make archaeologists confused and constantly explore them and have many new research works. replacement for old arguments that no longer stand. It is also worth mentioning the typical architectural style of the gates, doors in the style of arches in the 4th dynasty, all entrances of large buildings are structured by large gates with supporting beams.
5. Worldview – Ancient Egyptian philosophy
The concept of the mysterious world of the ancient Egyptians or religious beliefs lasted for more than 3,000 years between both religions, Christianity and Islam.

The gods of the ancient Egyptians, when initially conceived as a chaotic world of matter is water. The first god, Ra-Atum, appeared every year like the flood water of the Nile in the land of Egypt. God Ra gave birth to water bubbles, which in turn turned into the god Shu (air) and Tefnut (steam). The world was created when the gods Shu and Tefnut gave birth to two children: Nut (sky) and Geb (earth). Man was created when the god Shu and Tefnut accidentally got lost in the dark desert, the god Re used his eyes to find them and while being moved by the reunion, the god Re’s tears of joy created so mankind. The son of Geb, Osiris, was appointed king of ancient Egypt. Osiris’ younger brother Seth is considered the villain in the universe. Seth killed Osiris and crowned himself king of Egypt. After killing Osiris, Seth challenged Osiris’ son (Horus) to a duel and was defeated, Seth was exiled to the desert and transformed into a terrible sandstorm god. Osiris was mummified by Anubis and transformed into the god of death.

There are many legends surrounding the Egyptian dynasties that will be heard when participating in the mysterious Egypt tour  But the world of the Egyptians always revolved around the mysteries of the Nile and the desert, creating a belief in mystical forces, always pulling people to submit to the pharaohs and pharaohs as a god. god exists, on behalf of other gods has the task of looking after the Egyptian people and harmonizing the harsh natural forces to give the Egyptian people a peaceful life next to the pharaoh and the rich Nile. and mystical.

The Nile – a river associated with the ancient Egyptian civilization
The concept of death of the ancient Egyptiansas a transition to another life in the afterlife, the underworld. The death ritual is an important and meticulous event intended to send the dead to eternity. The ancient Egyptians believed that people have both a body and a soul, so rituals are a preparation for the body and soul to have harmony when returning to the afterlife, they believe. that, if the body is best preserved, the soul will reintegrate after some time. The condition for the soul to quickly reintegrate into the body is that the body must be preserved by a skilled priest, the face is as it was when it was alive, and the body must be perfumed. First, the deceased’s body, after the organs have been removed, will be placed in a small reed coffin buried in hot sand to dry the body so that the body cannot decompose later.

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