The attraction of the “man worth 6 billion dollars” Vin Diesel

The “Fast & Furious” actor is loved by many because of his hegemonic image on the screen. However, behind that strength is a process of persistent rise.
Entertainment - The attraction of the 'man worth 6 billion USD' Vin Diesel

One day in 1974 in New York, young Mark Sinclair invited his twin brother and a few friends to break into the New City theater on Jane Street, where there was a small stage for local children to come. rehearsals and plays.


A group of rebellious children led by Sinclair planned to pry open the lock to sneak in to draw graffiti and destroy furniture and props inside. However, this “campaign” was thwarted by a woman named Crystal Field, the theater’s artistic director. Instead of notifying the police, Ms. Crystal invited the children in to talk. The female director asked them to come to the gym every week, with a “salary” of 20 USD/week.

The leader of that wild and intrepid youth group, Mark Sinclair, later became a famous Hollywood actor, with a salary of over a million dollars per film and a strong fan base. People call him the “Stubborn Titan”, “The Face of the Box Office”, “The King of Action Adventures”, or simply by his stage name, Vin Diesel.



Overcome all difficulties
Entertainment - The charm of 'a man worth 6 billion USD' Vin Diesel (Figure 2).

With the skin color of Europeans, a face with a hint of African origin and a deep voice with a hint of Latin America, there are many reasons for Vin Diesel to form for himself a tough, stubborn personality from an early age. He was born to a mother of mixed blood: part English, part German, and part Scottish.

To this day, it is not known who Vin Diesel’s biological father is, only that he is an African-American. Rumor has it that his father went to prison because in the year Diesel was born, 1967, there was still a law prohibiting interracial marriage in the US.


So far, Vin Diesel is still quite annoyed whenever someone mentions his biological father. Once, the actor confided: “My mother said that I became a troublemaker to protect my inner nature.”

At the beginning of his career, the Fast & Furious actor had sayings that made listeners “earnest” such as: “I am the most ambitious person you can meet in your life”.

After the success of Fast 1, Diesel told the producers that he would only agree to do a solo film about Dominic Toretto if they kept the character competitive and heady.

In his films, Vin Diesel makes viewers remember by his handsome appearance, bravery, sometimes a bit patriarchal and once he fought, he never lost to anyone.

Behind that pride is a period of persistence, trying to find a place for the 52-year-old actor. Having been repeatedly rejected for carrying many races, Diesel did not wait for the day America changed to have a career. He wanted to take the chance on his own.


After wasted years on supporting roles, Vin Diesel decided to make his own movie. He gathered the knowledge he learned in the Writing Department at the college and wrote a short film script called Multi-Facial, about his own life and hardships in acting.

In which, Diesel holds most of the positions, both as director, producer, main actor, as well as the one who sings the soundtrack. Diesel hired a few more acquaintances to play supporting roles. The total cost of the film is worth just $3,000.

However, after bringing the product to the local theater to test it, Diesel only received a shake of the head and disparaging words. However, the actor’s stepfather advised him not to be discouraged and try to trim the work a bit. Diesel obeyed and took the film to the Manhattan Film Archive.

Surprisingly, the film curators here like his work. Then, Multi-Facial was sent to the 1995 Cannes Film Festival, where the work was screened in a crowded room with no seats.


Become “a man worth 6 billion dollars”

Entertainment - The attraction of the 'man worth 6 billion USD' Vin Diesel (Figure 3).

As if being compensated by God after the disadvantages, one of the people who happened to be in the screen ing room at that time included the famous director Steven Spielberg. The legendary filmmaker was looking for a face for the upcoming epic war movie Saving Private Ryan and Vin Diesel immediately caught his eye.


Saving Private Ryan made a splash after it hit theaters in 1998, won five Oscars and grossed $482 million worldwide. Besides the two stars Tom Hanks and Matt Damon, the audience was also impressed by Vin Diesel in the role of Private Adrian Caparzo.


The image of a young soldier collapsing on the keyboard after successfully rescuing a little girl, surrounded by blood that is slowly mixing with the rain, remains imprinted in many people’s minds until now.

Although the role is small, it helps Vin Diesel get the attention of many Hollywood producers. He went on to be cast as the anti-hero Riddick in Pitch Black and Xander Cage in xXx, two franchises that made him famous.


In 2001, the actor appeared in Fast & Furious, a racing film whose original concept was to bring together a multi-ethnic cast, so much so that the only white lead actor, Paul Walker, became a villain. “lost species”.

The rest belongs to history. Fast & Furious is one of the most successful film franchises in history, with a total of 9 parts totaling $ 5.891 billion worldwide.

In 2017, Forbes magazine called Vin Diesel a “man worth $6 billion” when the total ticket sales of the films he starred in surpassed this number, clearly demonstrating the box office guarantee power of Vin “Dau Dau”. viscous”.


Sentimental man

Entertainment - The attraction of 'a man worth 6 billion USD' Vin Diesel (Figure 4).

If there is only pride and effort, perhaps that is not enough for the audience to love Vin Diesel as it is now. With a gruff appearance and a scary voice, Vin Diesel immediately erased those unfriendly impressions with a smile as close and innocent as a child.

He is one of the most watched stars on social media , with 97 million followers on the official Facebook page , beating Will Smith’s figure of 77 million. The reason for this popularity is that the actor takes the time to interact with fans. Vin Diesel always knows how to create warmth and shorten the distance between himself and his fans.


Although he is open about himself, Vin Diesel is very secretive about his family. “I want the audience to focus on my career more,” he told I’m not the kind of actor who, you know, puts my family on the cover of a magazine.”

In 2004, Diesel told USAtoday that he did not want to get married anytime soon. “I still hold tight in my heart Tom Hanks’ words, that the years from 30 to 40 years old are for career. I still have 4 years left. Then it’s about family.”

True to his word, in 2008, when the actor was 41 years old, the press reported that he and his girlfriend, Mexican model Paloma Jimenez, had their first daughter, Hania Sinclair. Since then, they have lived together as a family and have two more children, Vincent and Pauline Sinclair.

No biological father was around since childhood, so Diesel considered very carefully before having children. The actor once joked with a People reporter: “The craziest stunt I’ve ever done? That’s being a father.”

Entertainment - The attraction of the 'man worth 6 billion USD' Vin Diesel (Figure 5).

He also always gives his partner compliments. “She is the perfect mother, always amazing in different ways. Other people look at her and see her as gorgeous, but few think that she is my support. She is beautiful both in appearance and in soul, ”said Diesel.


Besides, there are also times when Diesel reveals himself to be a “sweat” person. He has a special friendship with “screen brother-in-law” Paul Walker. Not just because the two are compatible, but for a more surprising reason. Vin Diesel once shared with Variety: “Let me tell you guys. I have a twin brother. And you know what? It looks exactly like Paul Walker.”

Perhaps Vin Diesel has gone a little too far in making this comparison, but it shows how special his feelings for Paul Walker are. And perhaps because of that, Diesel had bad premonitions about the departure of his close colleague.

While filming Fast 7, Diesel shared very honestly: “Whatever people say, this type of action movie is dangerous for actors. I’m starting to think if I was destined to be, what would Paul Walker be like?”

In another interview with Variety, Diesel said that after filming a double, he went to the trailer Walker was sitting in and said, “If I have anything to do with it, tell them I’m a brother. How is it with you?” Then the two broke up to go back to Thanksgiving.


However, in November 2013, Paul Walker unfortunately died in a car accident on the way to charity, leaving many regrets for his fans and loved ones, including of course including Vin Diesel.

“That moment has relived in my mind countless times. That was the last time we saw each other,” Diesel said, sobbing from crying. There were tears on his face.

The name Pauline of the youngest daughter is in memory of her dear sister who passed away. The actor shared that this is a way for him to preserve the memory of Paul Walker as a family member.


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