The Disgusting Truths of the Ancient Egyptians


Egypt is a land of sacred and glorious history. Pharaohs, pyramids and gods are always symbols when referring to this land.

Referring to the land of ancient Egypt , we always remember the mysterious, the gods, the story is always attractive and interesting. But not all things go in a good and perfect direction, there are truths behind all those lights that will make you feel absolutely disgusting.

1. Young girls

Disgusting facts of the ancient Egyptians, disgusting facts, history

                                                                                                                                                   There are many mysteries about the ancient Egyptians

According to history recorded in 500 BC, every year, young men and women will gather in boats to participate in a ceremony in their sacred city.

Disgusting facts of the ancient Egyptians, disgusting facts, history

But the sacredness and mysticism of the ritual does not lie in the fact that the boys tease the girls by calling or teasing. The “loud groans”, the torn clothes, the men fighting over the girls for themselves have left a stain on the history of Egypt.

2. Horrible Contraception

Disgusting facts of  the ancient  Egyptians, disgusting facts, history


Egyptian beliefs have several different methods of contraception, some women believe that honey can help them in this. But the fact that most Egyptian women have to use honey mixed with crocodile dung to prevent pregnancy, and of course it is terrible.

3. Dead women will not be mummified immediately

Disgusting facts of the ancient Egyptians, disgusting facts, history

When the ancient Egyptian men died, they would be mummified immediately. But with women it is different, especially beautiful women. They will not be turned over to the embalming staff until the woman’s body has been left for three to four days and begins to rot. The reason is that they don’t trust the embalmers, who are always raping the corpses of women, especially young beautiful ones.

4. Fat Pharaohs

Disgusting facts of the ancient Egyptians, disgusting facts, history

Most of the paintings found in history of the Pharaohs show that they had a very perfect, well-proportioned body, but that is not true. Because the Pharaohs always ordered their painters to make their images the most balanced and perfect.

Disgusting facts of the ancient Egyptians, disgusting facts, history

But reality does not show that, the mummies were found to have the appearance of thick belly fat, swelling caused by fat accumulated in the blood… The chefs will prepare three meals a day, including meat, wine, and bread, and for this reason all the Pharaohs were very fat.

5. Anal doctor

Disgusting facts of the ancient Egyptians, disgusting facts, history

Medicine was an important part of ancient Egyptian culture. Every part of the body has a specialist doctor, even a doctor who specializes in taking care of the anal position.These doctors will have to test and use the most suitable remedies for the anal care of the Pharaohs.

6. Methods to determine fertility

Disgusting facts of the ancient Egyptians, disgusting facts, historyIn ancient Egypt there were many ways to determine if a woman was capable of bearing children. Like a doctor would apply garlic oil all over a woman’s body and let her sleep until morning. If the essential oils have not lost their scent and the girl is still awake, it means she is capable of giving birth.

Disgusting facts of the ancient Egyptians, disgusting facts, history

But there is a much more disgusting method, where doctors will insert a garlic or onion bulb into a woman’s vagina before sleeping and check her breathing early in the morning. The ancient Egyptians believed that a woman’s organs were connected, and if she smelled garlic or onions on her breath, it meant she was capable of giving birth.


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