The drama of the male lion’s hunt makes the wild buffalo unable to react


Two male lions show their superior hunting skills when they knock down an adult buffalo momentarily.

Few people know that before humanity dominated the “blue planet”, the lion was the animal that occupied the most territory, more than any land mammal.

Indeed, they are a rare animal that both has a herd organization and at the same time possesses superior skills to become the “ruler” of the steppe.

This can be seen through a dramatic video recording the perfect hunting of 2 male lions and the target is a mother and a buffalo.

The beginning of the video is a scene of two lions slowly approaching their prey. When they reach the required distance, they begin to lower their four legs, crouch and hide under the grass. At the same time, continue to shorten the distance with the prey.

They did this so well and perfectly that the buffalo mother and daughter were playing in the grass completely unaware of the presence of the hunters.

When the buffalo was caught off guard, the two male lions immediately attacked.

The drama of the male lion's hunting made the buffalo not able to react - 1

Normally, lions are very afraid of the buffalo’s sharp horn, and it will take a long time to attack their weakest position – from behind.

But these two lions are an exception. They rushed straight ahead, one using its thumb to grab the buffalo’s neck and then grabbed it, and the other jumped on its back.

The buffalo’s fate was quickly decided by two talented hunters, as it could only resist for a moment before collapsing.

At the end of the video, the young buffalo, just a few days old, before he could understand anything, was also grabbed and easily killed by a third lion.


The lion’s impeccable hunting has surprised many observers, as males will often evolve to suit skirmishes; but difficult to hide, and not very effective in hunting.

The drama of the male lion's hunting made the buffalo not able to react - 2

The lion is the only member of the feline family to carry an obvious sexual dipole form.

Accordingly, males are always larger and stronger than females. They also have a distinct appearance with a wider head and prominent mane, which covers most of the head, neck, shoulders, and chest.

Both male and female lions are capable of defending the herd against intruders, but male lions are better suited for this purpose thanks to a body structure that appears to be made for fighting.

Whether hunting or defending, lions are never alone. They like to work in small groups and use skill, strength, and speed to take down their opponents.

The drama of the male lion's hunt makes the wild buffalo unable to react - 3

Sometimes in the wild, we often encounter male lions joining together to form an “alliance”, consisting of three or four individuals with a distinct hierarchy, in which one male will lead the other children.

Descriptions of lions are known from the Paleolithic period. In particular, carvings and paintings of lions were discovered in the Lascaux and Chauvet caves in France, dating from 15,000 to 17,000 years old.

An ivory carving of a lion’s head found in the Vogelherd cave in Swabian Alb, southwestern Germany, is known as Löwenmensch (lion – man) in German.

The sculpture has been dated to at least 32,000 years and as early as 40,000 years ago, originating in the Aurignacian culture.


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