The leopard chased and ripped the antelope. It took only 10 seconds


Deepak Shankar, 35, a businessman working in Bangalore, India, while visiting the Maasai Mara National Reserve in southwestern Kenya, along the Tanzanian border, documented the remarkable chase and hunt. the astonishment of a leopard.

An unlucky African antelope gets into the spotlight to be the leopard’s dinner.

The leopard only takes 10 seconds to grab its prey.

“The leopard in the picture is Imani, w ith three young cubs. They tried to hunt all day but failed. I waited over 2 hours to see Imani emerge from the bush where it was hiding. The whole thing happened so fast, the leopard was right behind the antelope and they rushed towards us. I was shocked when I fixed the position and started taking pictures,” 

 said Shankar.


“The leopard chased the antelope for 10 seconds and my hands were shaking trying to check the camera to see if I was following the correct procedure. The antelope was killed right next to my jeep,” added the businessman from India.

The leopard’s blood-stained face after eating dinner.


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