The Moment Baby Cow Shark Feeds Nile Crocodiles


Photographs taken by photographer Mark Ziembicki when he happened to capture a baby bull shark as bait for a Nile crocodile weighing nearly 700kg. This moment clearly demonstrates the fierceness of survival in the wild among carnivores. The photos were taken from a distance of just over 18 meters.


It is known that bull shark is one of the carnivorous wild animals at the top of the food chain in nature. However, if it is called nature, how can the big fish eat the small fish and the strong are the winners?

The alligator of medium size and weight quickly swam out from the shoreline and swam gently close to the calf shark.

The Moment Baby Cow Shark Feeds Nile Crocodiles

The shark in the picture is a bull shark that can grow up to 2.4 m long and weigh about 130 kg.

The snap of the Nile crocodile is estimated at 22Kn (kilonewton) or the equivalent of 2 tons.


The Moment Baby Cow Shark Feeds Nile Crocodiles
The bull shark fell into the crocodile’s mouth. Photo: Mark Ziembicki.

Australian scientist and photographer Mark Ziembicki witnesses the outcome of a clash between two top predators off the north coast of Queensland.

Photographer Mark Ziembicki

Pictures of Baby Cow Sharks Feeding Nile Crocodiles are very rare

It is not common to see bull sharks in freshwater tributaries in Australia. They usually only enter the estuary to breed. So are Nile crocodiles, they rarely appear in salt water estuaries.

However, the recent heavy rainfall over eastern Australia, coupled with the recent natural expansion of the Saint Lucia estuary in South Africa, is believed to have been the catalyst for the rare clash.

Source: ladbible


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