The mystery and charm of ancient Egyptian art


So far, people are still trying to discover the mystery behind the works, the remains of the mysterious ancient Egyptian civilization. The most prominent is the art and hieroglyphs left in the tombs and mausoleums. 

The mystery and charm of ancient Egyptian art
In Egyptian art, sculpture and painting often mixed. Works and paintings are often found in the lower part of the wall sculptures. They were created by artists for public use or in tombs with scenes and stories of the glory of gods or pharaohs.

Egyptian agriculture about 1350 – 1300 BC.

Egyptian civilization had strict standards for the two-dimensional representation of people and space. These standards changed slightly over a 3,000-year period, until the invasion of Egypt and the disappearance of the civilization.

Artists follow set standards and actively express feelings and expressions of the times, often these expressions are not in ordinary life, but in a unique, distinct sense of world. In fact, frescoes or embossed works, sculptures are the works of a collective. It requires everyone to follow a common style and style.

Pharaoh Tuthmosis II and Amun-Re (the god of weather and agriculture) – 1450 BC.

So what is the expression of the standards of Egyptian painting? First, they redefine the world based on a two-dimensional view, then seek to express it in the most clear way. The portrait of a person is the product of two different views: the front and the side (side view). Eyes, ears, and upper body are often depicted face-to-face. While the head, hips, and legs are depicted tilted. They are usually represented symmetrically. One group of portraits is often leveled with another to create a symmetrical image.

This feature was the forerunner of Byzantinme mosaic art and European frescoes of the 14th-15th centuries. Egyptian artists often divide the surface of the work into different strips and stage them on it. The lines in between the bands are considered the main line with the portraits shown on it. If the foot is on this line it means it is further on the background. This is exactly how Egyptian artists express the depth of space.


Goose (shown in a popular 2-dimensional view according to the laws of ancient Egyptian art) – 2530 BC.

Another rule is that men’s skin is darker than women’s skin. It shows that men work outside more and women spend more time on housework. This correlation is also shown in the depiction of women’s legs lying together and men’s legs often spread out in steps, clearly indicating that men were more active than women in the society of the time. .

Bird Trap in the Swamp – 1350 BC.

Cattle inspection – 1350 BC.

The laws of ancient Egyptian art and the hieroglyphs accompanying the portraits represent not only the religious rituals and feats of the pharaohs, but also a complex view of the world.

God Maat – 1295 BC.

God Amun-Re.

Anubis (god of the underworld).

Horus (god of life).

God Osiris.

In addition to the strict rules, we also find a few examples of art of individual freedom. They are found in everyday objects, buried in unknown graves or in broken pottery or limestone. In it, artists create freely, not subject to the rules to follow when composing works for the public in public places. These works are the artist’s freedom to express ideas according to personal wishes.


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