The Mystery of the Stonehenge


Stonehenge is located in the moors west of the village of Amesbury, on the Salisbury Plain in southern England, about 137 km southwest of London . If you have a chance, remember to check in at this place.

Viewed from above, Stonehenge is a complex of large stone columns arranged in a circle. Each stone column is about 4m high, about 2m wide, about 1m thick and weighs about 25 tons. In which, the two heaviest stone columns are about 50 tons. On some stone pillars, there are also stones that are arranged horizontally like rafters, forming a large archway.


Today, Stonehenge is one of Britain’s most popular attractions and one of humanity’s greatest archaeological mysteries, defying all theories, speculations and research. famous archaeologists in the world.
Stonehenge is a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO since 1986.


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