The reason ‘Terminator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger separated from his wife for 10 years


According to the New York Post, difficulty in dividing assets is the biggest reason why Arnold Schwarzenegger delayed his divorce for more than 10 years.

According to the New York Post, for the past 10 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have had a good relationship despite their separation. “They have a great relationship, are very close, raise children together and see each other many times,” the source told Page Six.

Therefore, many people were surprised when the media reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver officially divorced after more than 10 years of separation.

The reason Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger separated from his wife for 10 years - Photo 1

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver with their children. Photo: Hola.

The divorce case is interested in the media

On the day of the announcement of the divorce, Maria Shriver – who regularly appeared on the Today program – posted about the breakup: “See you in 2022. Let’s take some time for ourselves. . Stay safe and healthy .”


Why Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver separated for 10 years but have not ended their divorce is a question that many viewers are interested in. A mutual friend thinks they don’t want to end the relationship because they have to wait for the right time.

“Before, they were not ready to untangle themselves. In the end, they have a couple of reasons to do this and this is the best time to do it,” the friend told the New York Post.

Schwarzenegger and his wife have long been considered the power couple in Hollywood. In addition to an estimated fortune of $ 400 million, the Hollywood star served as the governor of California. Meanwhile, Maria Shriver is a famous journalist, a member of the Kennedy family.


The reason Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger separated from his wife for 10 years - Photo 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver were close during their separation. Photo: NBC.

The great family, huge wealth is the biggest reason why the two have not been able to resolve the divorce. Since their marriage in 1986, they have not thought of breaking up, so no prenuptial agreement has been approved.

A famous legal expert said the divorce was delayed for 10 years due to financial problems. The couple tries to divide the property peacefully, not wanting to become the object of ridicule in the media.

However, the other reason is emotional issues. “Usually, if a person wants to get married again, they will ask for a divorce. Being separated for 10 and a half years is the craziest thing I’ve ever known,” said one expert.

Schwarzenegger, 75, has been dating physical therapist Heather Milligan, 27 years his junior, since 2013. The first time paparazzi recorded them kissing was in Santa Monica. The current relationship continues.

“Arnold is happy living with Heather. She is very good with her boyfriend. Obviously Schwarzenegger will be with his lover in the long run. Milligan many times returned with her boyfriend to her homeland in Austria,” the friend said.

Meanwhile, Shriver, 67, has been single since she split from political consultant Matthew Dowd in 2017.

According to TMZ , Schwarzenegger and Shriver have a complicated divorce settlement agreement. A series of problems arise during the division of property, including the division of real estate after divorce.

Schwarzenegger recently started hiring divorce attorney Kristina Royce. Meanwhile, Shriver has signed a contract with “divorce queen” Laura Wasser – who supports Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian in marriage – for a long time.



What happened?

Before officially going their separate ways, the Terminator star admitted that breaking up with Shriver was one of the worst moments of his life.

The couple first met in August 1977 at the Robert F. Kennedy tennis tournament, after being introduced by NBC ‘s Tom Brokaw. They started dating soon after.

In August 1985, Schwarzenegger proposed to Shriver. The star couple got married in April 1986 at a Catholic church.

The marriage lasted until 2011 when there were problems. Shriver decided to file for divorce from her husband after she investigated Schwarzenegger’s affair.


The former governor of California hid the fact that he was his biological father Joseph Baena for 15 years. Meanwhile, Mildred Baena – who used to work for the family – always insisted that the baby was her child with ex-husband Rogelio Baena until 2011.

The reason Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger separated from his wife for 10 years - Photo 3

Maria Shriver suspects and investigates everything because Joseph Baena is too much like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. Photo: People.

The unexpected similarity between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joseph Baena caused Maria Shriver to suspect and investigate. In the end, Mildred admitted to being blood related between the two to NBC News.

Schwarzenegger later told Howard Stern: “I have failed many times, but without a doubt, this is the biggest failure of my life. I am so sorry that this happened. I ruined the marriage. I don’t blame anyone for this.”

In his memoir Total Recall: My Unlessable Life Story published in 2012, the former governor revealed three reasons he kept it a secret: Shame, forced to keep it a secret and didn’t want his wife to tell his famous family, rights position.

Through his memoirs, Schwarzenegger recounts the secret affair with the maid Mildred in 1996 in the guest house of the Pacific Palisades mansion, while his wife was on vacation with the children.


“When Mildred gave birth, she named the baby Joseph, the birth certificate named the father as her husband. I wanted to believe it for many years but couldn’t because of the resemblance between me and my son,” the actor wrote in his memoirs.

A source for the New York Post, who has worked with Shriver, said: “Maria has always respected Arnold because he is the father of her children. She has never used violence against her husband. Her children are very close and respectful to their father. Family and trust are the most important things to them.

After many years, Shriver gradually accepted: “Forgiveness is the best way for someone who has been a victim. If you’re struggling with forgiveness, be gentle with yourself. I learned that forgiveness is a difficult process and takes time.”

The reason Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger separated from his wife for 10 years - Photo 4

Former California governor and current girlfriend – Heather Milligan. Image: API.

According to the New York Post, the children of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Shriver are both successful. Katherine, 32 years old, recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child with actor Chris Pratt. Daughter Christina, 30, is a producer for the streaming giant Netflix.


Son Patrick, 28 years old, is an actor who once dated Miley Cyrus and model Abby Champion. The family’s youngest 24-year-old Christopher recently showed off impressive weight loss results.

Schwarzenegger also showed interest in his step-son Joseph Baena. He has a passion for bodybuilding like his father and plans to become an actor in the future. Upcoming, Joseph Baena stars in several films, including the action movie Lava.

According to the New York Post , Shriver’s daughters are not very close to their father’s stepson. However, Patrick’s son is not interested in adult stories. He was recorded hanging out with his half-brother in April.


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