The reason why “dog-loving killer” John Wick “saved” Hollywood action movies


With a gross of $ 180 million in just 10 days, John Wick 3 has become the highest-grossing film in the series about the “dog-loving killer”.

John Wick 3 continues the storyline at the end of part 2, when Wick violates the law of the Supreme Order, kills people within the Continental Hotel, is offered a reward of 14 million dollars and becomes the target of all assassins. all around the world.


Sending his dog to safety, John Wick begins his journey of being chased, fleeing the assassin world of which he was once a member, in the way we are all familiar and waiting for in this series. – kill decisively and “artistically”.

The pinnacle of “Gun-Fu”, the action couldn’t be more beautiful and tight

because of love for john wick hollywood action movie
Despite being hunted, John still wears a vest

If in part 2, John Wick is often mentioned as an assassin who can shoot with just a pencil, then at the beginning of this part 3, we see John kill a 2 meter tall assassin with… a book. Of course, this is just an almost pure action to satisfy fans – one of the many reasons the series is loved.


In John Wick 3, the action sequences are made extremely “eye-catching” but extremely realistic, the speed is tight, creative and close, to the point that it seems that anyone can do it, but of course. no one can do it but John Wick.

because of love for john wick hollywood action movie
Keanu Reeves’ classic scene from The Matrix (1999)

From The Matrix, Keanu Reeves has proven himself to be the true successor of the “Gun-Fu” – the art of using guns to fight, “invented” by Hong Kong director John Woo.

As can be seen, it was not until Keanu Reeves “Gun-Fu” was born, but only he performed this type of action in the most realistic and vivid way. Whether placed in a library full of books, an arsenal of guns or in the midst of a forest of knives, John has a way to kill enemies quickly, efficiently and in style.

Don’t take saving the world, revenge or love as the plot line

because of love for john wick hollywood action movie
In a world full of CGI blockbusters with superheroes saving humanity, we still have John Wick

The only love story mentioned in the film is between John and his deceased wife – who pulled him out of the killer world.

After his wife died, John returned to the underworld only because the car was destroyed and the dog the wife left behind was killed. That simple is enough for the audience to follow in the footsteps of this killer for 5 years now. (Note that during this time, John has no new lover, only a new dog)


John’s status in the underworld is indisputable. Despite being offered a reward of 14 million dollars, being hunted to the end of the world, John still has many … fans. It’s the taxi driver, the beggar in the dark alley, even the killer assassins, all enlist ing to show their admiration for John Wick, even in the most bloody circumstances.



The theme of revenge in the movie seems to be non-existent. Sometimes you will wonder what all this killing is for? Then forget it again as soon as the next action takes place on the screen.

What about saving the world? Not even there. From beginning to end, John has nothing to rescue but himself, or rather the memories of his long-lost wife – something that couldn’t be more ambiguous.

Dark, creepy, stylish, but not egotistical

because of love for john wick hollywood action movie
The John Wick 3 poster is reminiscent of the hit hitman killer game series

Even in the most suffocating fights, typically the confrontation between John and the sushi hitman, we can still see the witty wit of the filmmakers, when letting him take advantage of the opportunity. showing his admiration for John from the moment of “interval break” to the end of his life.

The most precious thing that John Wick loses in this movie is a finger – which he cut himself to revive his oath to serve the Supreme Order at the end of the desert. This finger allows him to return to the world of assassins, no longer being hunted, on the condition that he must return to the Continental Hotel and kill Winston (Ian McShane) – the hotel owner, John’s benefactor.



Faced with a choice between his friendship and his life, John still chooses the latter. But after being “protected” back to the Continental, he did not hesitate, broke his oath to the Supreme Order, turned to Winston’s side, and fought to keep the hotel.

Of course, in the end he was betrayed by Winston himself, but in the most tragic John situation (being fed by bullets, falling from a high-rise building, thrown in a garbage truck), John Wick 3 still makes viewers laugh when let the main character raise his bloody hand with only 4 fingers to signal “I am alive”, then immediately change it to a middle finger, as an affirmation of the “muddy” nature and step on everything full of personality of the assassin John Wick or the series itself.


Perfect and unique cool assassin world

because of love for john wick hollywood action movie
The unique world of assassins is built in the John Wick series.

The assassin world of John Wick seems to have no borders, it’s real, close, wide coverage, has a long history and unbelievable ultimate power. Assassin John Wick and the motive of “revenge for dogs” are placed in that dark and fascinating world, making the film even more unique, satisfying any fan of comics and action movies. any.


In John Wick there are many veteran actors, but they only act properly and act enough. The appearance of Ian McShane or Laurence Fishburne (playing the “King of the Bang” in the movie) are just enough highlights, making John Wick’s assassin world keep the consistency and coolness needed.


With the success of this part 3, the birth of part 4 is certain. In addition, a new “cinematic universe” revolving around John Wick can also be born by linking with the Avenger (Atomic Blonde – 2017, Charlize Theron & James McAvoy) and spin off projects, Wicked TV series in the near future.

Keanu Reeves

because of love for john wick hollywood action movie
It can be affirmed, without Keanu Reeves, there would be no John Wick as it is today

Keanu Reeves is the most loved actor in Hollywood, the rare celebrity who does not use social networks but has the most fans and followers. The number of successful action blockbusters of Keanu can only be counted on one finger. He’s also not a great actor.


Watching John Wick, you can see the slowness and heaviness in his acting. But it’s this that offers a rare level of realism in today’s world of super-powered action movies and explosive scenes. This year at the age of 54, he is still in charge of 95% of the action scenes in John Wick. Before filming started, Keanu spent 4 months practicing martial arts moves and mastering gun-related maneuvers. The filmmakers aren’t afraid to let John miss a few times, fall a few times and hit the glass case, or give out more curt lines. To put it bluntly, they didn’t force Keanu Reeves to play Superman, although he didn’t lack those qualities.


By the end of the film, we feel as tired as John Wick, but it is Keanu’s ability to close the distance with the audience that makes us ready to join him on his next adventure, not to watch. revenge, but to see him rediscover his peaceful world through breathtaking action sequences.


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