The secret behind Ronaldinho’s partying times


To be able to recruit the former Brazilian player, many teams have to meet the unbelievable partying terms of “Ro Vu”.

Ronaldinho has always been famous for his crazy anecdotes about his private life. From marrying two wives at once to “doing sex” for 5 hours, the former Barca star constantly amazes fans with his playfulness.

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Ronaldinho always surprises the public with his playfulness. Photo: Getty.

Unique Terms

If you want to recruit Ronaldinho, satisfy his nightly partying pleasure. Recent revelations from the media show this somewhat unbelievable and absurd claim of Ronaldinho.

In 2011, after getting bored with playing football in Europe, Ronaldinho left AC Milan and received many offers from his hometown of Brazil. Among them, Gremio startup club is the leading candidate.

Gremio fans eagerly hope Ronaldinho will fulfill his old promise, which is to only play for his old team when he returns home. However, Ronaldinho suddenly chose Flamengo, the arch-rival of the Porto Alegre club to join.

El Pais recounts that it was his brother Roberto who directed Ronaldinho’s historic deal with Gremio in 2011, because of the sky-high salary. However, everything in that contract was even more surprising.

To have Ronaldinho’s service, Flamengo’s owners have met a very special clause in the contract, which is to allow Ronaldinho to party at bars and discos twice a week.

Flamengo’s leadership was initially apprehensive because the aforementioned clause was too unreasonable and could affect the team’s discipline. However, after witnessing the great attraction of Ronaldinho, as well as the close approach from Gremio and many other clubs, they had to agree to this bizarre clause.

Despite responding to Ronaldinho’s request, the famous Brazilian club only had the service of “Ro Vu” for a year. Annoyed that Flamengo was paying his brother five months late, Roberto broke his contract and took Ronaldinho to Atletico Mineiro, another Brazilian club, in 2012.

ESPN revealed that Roberto even went to Flamengo’s store, taking back a bunch of souvenirs as a way to recover his brother’s salary.


Flamengo fans expressed regret because during his time with this club, Ronaldinho scored 19 goals and provided 12 assists, thereby helping them win 3 titles.

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Ronaldinho often uses a private jet just to fly home to attend grand parties in his hometown of Brazil. Photo: Globo.Happy 2nd day

Many former teammates confirm that the first day of the week is the time when Ronaldinho is the hottest.

“Ronaldinho doesn’t work out during the week, he only starts getting serious on Friday, when he has to play on Saturday,” said Jerome Leroy, a former teammate at PSG.

Paolo, an AC Milan fan, once revealed his amazement during Ronaldinho’s time in Italy. “Once, Silvio Berlusconi (Milan owner) expressed dissatisfaction with Ronaldinho’s working attitude,” this fan told Bleacher Report. “However, the very next day, Ronaldinho was seen smiling in a bar in Milan.”

“A friend of mine who was present that day told me that Ronaldinho just smiled and insisted that everyone did not need to worry. No matter how the club wins, loses or plays, Ronaldinho doesn’t care. Partying with him was number one,” recalls Paolo.

Patrico Rubio, Ronaldinho’s former teammate at Queretaro club, insists he has never seen “Ro pu” on the training ground on Monday.

After each weekend’s game ended, Ronaldinho stepped out of his private jet in time to fly to the pre-prepared party venues. “He only came back on Tuesday,” Rubio recalls. “He didn’t practice much, but Ronaldinho still showed himself as a top player.”

Perhaps not only Rubio, but many fans are also stunned by Ronaldinho’s football talent and playfulness.


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