This striking white, red and black bird is definitely the most precious Christmas decoration


Once in a million feathered fellows, this enchanting bird is perfect to be the flying spirit of Christmas. If San Clause changed his mind and scouted birds for his holiday factory in Artic, they would look exactly like these beautiful diamond firetails.

Source: Julie Sarna, Southern Downs, Queensland, Australia

The diamond firetail (Stagonopleura guttata) is a species of estrildid finch that is endemic to Australia. It is a plump, tiny bird with an olive back, gray head, white belly, and throat, white-spotted black flanks, black breast band, and bright red bill in adult.

Source: Luke Shelley, Melton, Victoria, Australia

Source: Andrew Allen, Melton, Victoria, Australia

The bright red rump is very distinctive in flight. These birds are often found in pairs or small flocks, sometimes up to a hundred birds. They fly low and in long lines. They are quiet while flying. Their call is a whistle-like medium to high-pitched chirp.

Source: Laurie Ross, Monarto, Murray Bridge, South Australia, Australia

The diamond firetail Inhabits open woodlands of inland southeastern Australia. Their favorite foods are ripe fruits and grass seeds. Besides, they can eat insects and larvae.


Source: Andreas Heikaus, Monarto, Murray Bridge, South Australia, Australia

Source: JJ Harrison, Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia

These birds built nests on high branches and wasted predator birds’ nests to protect the younglings. The incubation and care are done by both parent birds.

Source: Rufus Wareham, Inverell, New South Wales, Australia

IUCN Red List classifies the species as Vulnerable Species due to the loss of food and habitats. They are also trapped and purchased as pets. They are hard to keep domesticated and breed.

Source: Andreas Heikaus, Monarto, Murray Bridge, South Australia, Australia

Source: JJ Harrison, Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia

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