Tiger – a predator that hunts with a deadly mallet


In nature, tigers are animals belonging to the group of top carnivores, with a large body, fierce aggression, striped fur, strong teeth, dangerous claws, strength, bravery, Persistence and good running speed (the highest is up to 65 km/h), so the tiger is known as the king of the jungle and rarely has natural enemies.

Tigers are thought to be primarily nocturnal predators, but in areas where humans are not present, remote control devices and camera traps have captured them hunting during the day. Tigers hunt by stalking and pouncing, overpowering their prey from every angle, usually from ambushes and surprise bites to the neck, usually to break their prey’s spine or trachea, or vein or aorta damage. Being a good swimmer, tigers are capable of killing their prey even while they are swimming. Some tigers even ambushed boats to capture people or their fish.

Tiger - a predator that hunts with a deadly mallet

The predatory tiger prefers a place with a grove of trees to hide and attack suddenly, but when playing, torturing its prey, it looks for an open place. When hunting, tigers approach their prey stealthily, taking advantage of trees, bushes, and rocks to hide and rarely chase their prey from a distance. They move carefully and gently without making a sound, pressing their bodies to the ground so that their prey is difficult to detect. When approaching the prey, the tiger controls the prey from all angles, of which there are two main methods: attacking from behind and biting on the neck to break the spine or bite the trachea of ​​the prey, or injure the prey. venous and carotid artery injury.

For small animals, weighing less than half of the tiger’s body weight, they kill their prey by biting on the nape of the neck, they will use their fangs to clamp the neck bones, using the force of their jaws to break them. the bones of the neck, separating them from the spinal cord. As for larger prey, they often bite the throat and use their powerful front legs to hold the prey, often simultaneously wrestling it to the ground. Tigers still bite the neck of their prey until their target dies from suffocation. By this method, gaur and water buffalo weighing more than a ton were killed by tigers weighing as little as one-sixth of their own weight.


Tiger - a predator that hunts with a deadly mallet

Although tigers can kill healthy adults, tigers often choose calves or young of very large species. Healthy adult prey such as gaur, elephant, rhinoceros can be dangerous for them to handle; because the long, strong horns, legs, and tusks are all potentially lethal to tigers. There is no other predator that regularly captures such large prey on its own. The rate of successful hunting of tigers is not high, on average, only one successful hunt can be achieved once every 20 times.

After killing their prey, tigers sometimes pull the bait away to hide it in vegetative cover, often pulling it by grabbing at the site of the bite with their mouths. This can also require great physical strength. In one case, after a tiger killed an adult gaur, it was observed to drag the carcass of massive prey over a distance of 12 m (39 ft). When 13 men simultaneously tried to pull the same ill-fated animal later, they were unable to move it.


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