Tom Cruise’s daughter has just turned 17: No longer cares about the millionaire father he hasn’t seen for 10 years, pursuing a field of grace.

Tom Cruise's daughter has just turned 17: No longer cares about the millionaire father he hasn't seen for 10 years, pursuing a field of grace.

New year as a baby with world-famous angel beauty, Suri Cruise has grown up and is about to enter university.


 Just turned 17 years old last month, Suri Cruise is ready on the doorstep of university. According to the Daily Mail’s source, the 16-year-old girl is applying to many different universities, but in general, most of them are concentrated in New York City. ‏

‏”Suri is applying to schools all over the place. Katie really wants her daughter to stay in New York so they can be together,” the source said. “Katie is very proud of Suri when she sees that her daughter tends to choose the fashion industry, which Katie has a lot of experience in.”‏


Suri Cruise owns a slim and graceful figure like her mother, very suitable for development in the fashion field.

This source also said that her relationship with her father, Tom Cruise, has grown apart over time. Suri’s future college decision has absolutely nothing to do with her millionaire father.‏

In the past, the media has revealed many times Tom Cruise’s cold relationship with his daughter. The famous Hollywood millionaire has been absent from Suri since 2013, a year after his divorce from Katie Holmes. ‏

An insider said: “Suri doesn’t remember her father anymore, they haven’t spent time together for a decade. She doesn’t even go to Tom’s movies. Currently, the father does not play any roles. what’s the role in her life.”‏

‏Even so, Tom Cruise seems to continue to support the economy, paying for her college tuition. Insiders revealed that when Cruise and Holmes divorced, the actor pledged to pay $400,000 a month in child support until Suri turned 18.

Born in a family where both parents are famous actors, the rich financial conditions help Suri Cruise have a prosperous life, delight in expressing her passion for fashion since childhood. Since her birth in 2006, she has been continuously elected to the charts for the children of celebrities, including the title of the most fashionable and stylish child star in Hollywood. ‏

Since she was 3 or 4 years old, Suri knew how to apply lipstick, makeup, wear high heels and dress herself. In 2009, the international media was “fever” before the information that Tom Cruise’s 3-year-old daughter owned a branded wardrobe worth 3 million USD (nearly 70 billion VND), containing all limited editions, from the hands of famous fashion houses. 


Tom Cruise's daughter has just reached the age of 17: No longer cares about the millionaire father he hasn't seen for 10 years, pursuing a field of grace - Photo 4.

‏She owns many dresses from Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, Donatella Versace, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Juicy Couture… British newspaper Closer also revealed: “Besides designed Christian Louboutins pairs. In particular, Suri also owns about 130 pairs of Mary Jane shoes by French designer Bonpoint”.‏

‏With each outfit, Suri almost never forgets to bring a bag that matches her outfit. She can hold teddy bears, dolls, handkerchiefs, but rarely leaves her hands empty. Actress Katie Holmes once bought her daughter a small version of the Valextra handbag line worth $ 4,500 (more than 100 million). Not only shoes, bags, and accessories of Suri also have manes of various colors, designs and multi-colored belts.‏


‏The 9-year-old girl often dresses herself up with a variety of outfits, from the princess tiered skirt with a T-shirt to the one-piece skirt with a cape.‏

‏The versatile transformation style of Tom Cruise’s daughter and expressive face inspires street photographers and fashionistas. The girl became a famous icon even after being separated from her millionaire father’s arms for 10 years. ‏

At puberty, Suri Cruise possesses outstanding appearance, inheriting the beauty of both her father and mother. The 17-year-old girl has a good-looking face, bright eyes and a slim, well-proportioned figure. Her life is no longer filled with lavish parties of the entertainment world like when she was a child, but every time she goes down the street, Suri always becomes the focus of media attention.‏

‏Currently, she prefers basic and popular style. Stylish items almost do not exist in her wardrobe anymore, but instead are simple, street. With an item, she often reuses it many times but does not forget to mix-match differently. ‏


‏At the moment, Suri is loyal to minimalism, not afraid to reuse a jacket many times. ‏


‏Looking at Suri’s appearance now, she looks as close as her peers, completely without creating a flashy, luxurious feeling.‏


‏This also partly shows Suri’s diverse fashion thinking.‏

*Source: Hola, Dailymail… Photo: Internet


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