‘Transporter’ Jason Statham teaches 2-year-old son ‘racing’


Jason Statham is spending his quiet quarantine days with his small family. Temporarily putting aside the busy schedule to stay at home to avoid the epidemic, the famous actor took advantage of the time to have fun with his 2-year-old son.
Jason Statham fait de la mini moto avec son adorable fils, Jack | Jason  statham, People, Fond d'écran coloré

Actor Jason Statham excited fans with his simple, everyday moments with his son Jack (2 years old). Father and son “carrier” amused themselves when riding together in a tiny racing car outside their home in Los Angeles (USA).


Shaking off the thorny, cold image on the screen, the British actor returned to be a simple father, patiently teaching his children how to drive. In the midst of implementing social distancing to prevent Covid-19, the Fast & Furious star and his girlfriend  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley spend most of their time taking care of their young children. They also take advantage of private time after a busy day with a packed schedule.

Jason Statham is every inch the doting father as he enjoys a bike ride  with  his son Jack, 2, in LA | Daily Mail Online

Fast & Furious racer  Jason Statham teaches his son how to drive

Photo: TheImageDirect

The popular actor looks as simple and close as any other father

Photo: TheImageDirect


On her personal Instagram, the girlfriend of the movie actor The Mercenary regularly updates the situation of isolation at home. This hot beauty said she struggled to find new hobbies for her son to play, explore, cook and entertain for her family and regularly contact friends and relatives to ask how they are doing. glass.


“It took me a lot of time to think of ways to entertain a 2-year-old at home, which was really a big challenge for me. I also cook more even though some dishes are unfortunate for those who eat them,” the 32-year-old supermodel humorously said.

These days, Jason Statham’s family has more time together. The star couple was caught with a two-year-old boy walking in the park near their house to reduce the feeling of suffocation and mystery


Photo: Mega

For Jason Statham, the quarantine days are seen as a long break after he participates in a series of film projects. The actor has just finished filming a new action blockbuster called Cash Truck . The film is currently in post-production and is expected to hit theaters in early 2021.
In early March 2020, the British actor made many fans disappointed when he suddenly abandoned the film project The Man from Toronto with comedian Kevin Hart. The reason is because the father of one did not approve of Sony’s decision to label the film PG-13 to attract more viewers instead of R. Jason Statham’s sudden departure from the project caused The film crew fell into a difficult situation, they had to quickly find a replacement while the shooting date approached. Not long after quitting the Sony project, this cult action star also said goodbye to the WME management company.
Jason Statham is one of the cult names of Hollywood action movies today. The actor is famous around the world for his hit series such as: Mercenary Squad, Transporter, Eccentric, Mechanic Assassin, Fast &  Furious  model Kelly Brook before dating lingerie angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley since 2010. The star couple got engaged in 2016 and are living happily with their young son Jack Oscar Statham.

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