Twice humiliating the eagle, the rabbit still has to receive “revenge” from sharp claws and sharp beak


A suspenseful, dramatic chase between the golden eagle and its prey. After two failed attempts, the evil bird still did not give up its original intention.
Ảnh động vật Đại bàng săn thỏ ngựa hoang quyết chiến
A golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) is scanning its sharp, sharp eyes from above in search of prey. Their favorite foods are rabbits, marmots, ground squirrels, large mammals such as foxes, and young ungulates.

Twice humiliating the eagle, the rabbit still has to receive revenge from sharp claws and sharp beak - Photo 1.

Golden eagle and rabbit. Photo: Artists & Illustrators
Cận Cảnh Đại Bàng Săn Thỏ Đầy Kịch Tính Trên Đồng Cỏ - YouTube

It finally found a target, a rabbit, spread its wings towards its prey, the eagle like death hovered over the rabbit’s head, causing the prey to run on three legs and four legs, selling life and death in the hope of finding a target. safe haven.
Cận Cảnh Đại Bàng Săn Thỏ Đầy Kịch Tính Trên Đồng Cỏ - YouTube

In fact, it made the eagle twice “hole” when it missed the target with sudden and flexible turns. Even the second time, the cannibal crashed to the ground and still missed the prey.

Too three times busy – by the third time, the eagle has “revenge” successfully. It unfurled its sharp claws and grabbed the rabbit, ending the dramatic and suspenseful chase between prey and hunter.


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