US military receives spike in UFO reports


A newly declassified US government report on sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) by the US military has revealed hundreds of newly recorded cases.

Các tài liệu giải mật hé lộ sự thật về người ngoài hành tinh - Báo Công an Nhân dân điện tửThe US Office of National Intelligence has now received reports of 510 UFO sightings, up from 144 aggregated in its first assessment in 2021.

Cựu phi công Mỹ: Chạm mặt UFO là việc xảy ra 'như cơm bữa'According to the report, nearly half of the new sightings were deemed “not remarkable” and believed to be of human origin.


However, over 100 UFO-related cases remain unexplained. The report said UFO encounters – which the government calls Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) continue to “occur in restricted or sensitive airspace, highlighting possible concerns.  for national safety and security”.

Of the 366 new reports, 26 were identified as drones, 163 reported as balloons, 171 reported that not enough information had been collected to identify them effectively.

Michigan has its fair share of UFO sightings, but Ohio takes the cakeSome of these uncharacteristic UAPs appear to have exhibited unusual flight characteristics or capabilities and require further analysis, the report said.There are no reports linked to any extraterrestrial activity. The reports are being examined by the Area-wide Abnormal Resolution Office (AARO), an office at the Pentagon established last year to look into UAP incidents.
AARO will focus on receiving and analyzing incidents of unidentified phenomena and work with intelligence agencies to further evaluate such incidents, according to newly declassified documents .
Last month, the Pentagon’s Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security told the media: “We have not seen anything that would lead us to believe that any of the objects that we have seen have a source. alien origin”.

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