Watch the brutal hunting scenes of the king of the jungle


The mighty tigers often do not hesitate to rush towards their prey. They use sharp teeth to bite the target.

Calves become delicious food for tigers at an animal sanctuary in Harbin, China. The animals rushed to butcher the poor calf. Photo: Chris Geddes.

The tiger bit the neck of an antelope and dragged the carcass of its prey. Photo: 

The bull did not escape the tiger’s claws. Tiger is a wild carnivorous animal. They are the largest animal in the Cat family and the third largest of all carnivores after white and brown bears.

Tiger is enjoying fresh antelope meat. Photo: Wiki.

The swamp assassin and the thirty-year-old are fighting. Tigers seem to have the advantage. Photo:

Tiger “treats” wild boar. Photo: Carnivoraforum. 

The tiger galloped towards its prey. Photo:

Close-up of a tiger’s meal. Tigers usually hunt alone. Their food is mainly medium-sized herbivores such as deer, wild boar, buffalo. However, they can even catch prey larger than it. Photo: Animalstime.

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