Well he is the Transporter! Jason Statham cuts an effortlessly cool figure as he rubs shoulders with Jackie Chan and Brad Pitt at Le Mans 24 hour race


The world’s top movie stars Brad Pitt, Jackie Chan and “The Transporter” Jason Statham had an interesting meeting at the oldest 24 Hours of Le Mans race on the planet.


The 24 Hours of Le Mans has been held annually since 1923 in Le Mans, France. The race is a real test of the endurance of both the car and the driver, as they have to go through a 24-hour lap without damage to the engine, tires and brakes.
Brad Pitt, Jackie Chan, Jason Statham among Le mans guests
On June 18, Brad Pitt was present on the first day of this year’s event, with the honor of opening the 84th race with a drive around the field, then holding the French flag.



Brad Pitt looks healthy in a white racing outfit, preparing to perform his duties. Photo: People

Before that, the actor had a meeting with Jackie Chan and the star of the series 

The Transporter Jason Statham within the framework of this tournament. The three of them had a good time chatting before the event started.

Statham reunited with two colleagues Jackie Chan and Brad Pitt at the “24 Hours of Le Mans” race. Photo: Daily Mail


Statham smiles and plays Jackie Chan at the top event of the world racing village. Photo: Daily Mail

It is known that the rule of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race is that each driver must run for at least 2 consecutive hours before stopping to change drivers and each team can only have a maximum of 3 drivers and replace each other in turn. Drivers can rest and eat while waiting for their turn to return to the track.
jackie chan vs jason statham - inci sözlük
Jason Statham is effortlessly cool with Jackie Chan and Brad Pitt at Le  Mans 24 hour race | Daily Mail Online



Therefore, racing teams must show endurance, intelligence and science in arranging time to make the most of their abilities. They also have to carefully prepare machinery, engines, fuel, tires, brakes… so that the whole system can operate smoothly for 24 hours.

Below is a video recording interesting conversation moments between the stars at this race:


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