Will Smith: The great father from life to the screen


Will Smith makes the audience admire from the image of an exemplary father in real life to the image of great fathers on screen.

Referring to Will Smith , fans are not only impressed by a multi-talented black star through the “Men in Black” series , but the audience must still remember 1 Will Smith in the role of a father through the movie ” The Pursuit of Happiness” (2006). Once again, the image of Will Smith – a father who loves his children more than himself in the latest movie Collateral Beauty – The beauty of life will make the audience feel the sacred fatherly affection, pain and suffering. pain he had to endure after losing his young daughter.

The Pursuit of Happiness (2006) – A Chris Gardner in pursuit of a happy life

Will Smith: The great father from life to the screen - Photo 1.

Will Smith began to gain more attention from movie fans after his first lead role with his son Jaden in “The Pursuit of Happiness” (2006). He plays a wandering father who struggles to make a living, raise a small child, and dreams of becoming a millionaire. The film proves that there is nothing more important, sacred and powerful than the love between a f ather and his son. Will Smith played the role of Chris very well, making the audience feel the helplessness and sadness of a man who could not take care of the burden of food for his wife and children. Homeless, father and son walking together on the street, Chris’ eyes looking at his son reflected love and guilt as if implicitly apologizing. It can be said, 

“The Pursuit of Happiness” marks a glorious milestone in Will Smith’s acting career.


After Earth (2013) – A Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith get along well on screen

Will Smith: The great father from life to the screen - Photo 2.

In 2013, Will conquered audiences again in After Earth . The film conveys a meaningful message from the father-son relationship, and family is the only solid support and trust of each person. In this role, Will Smith has shown us the image of a very different senior commanding officer father – tough, very strict and distrustful of his children. Until only father and son survived the explosion together, Cypher was forced to change his previous thoughts about Kitai and put his trust in the boy. With all the affection of a father, the desire to understand his children and the masterful fighting skills of a seasoned officer, Cypher only teaches Kitai as a father to his son.

Unlike the father-son relationship that is always intertwined in The Pursuit of Happyness , in After Earth , that affection has been replaced by maturity, the process of understanding and trusting each other in the father-son relationship. Although After Earth was not highly appreciated by experts and audiences, Will once again showed his “charming” as a father when playing with his biological son.




Suicide Squad (2016) – A “Deadshot” willing to do anything for her daughter.

Will Smith: The great father from life to the screen - Photo 3.

In 2015, Will Smith decided to return to the screen with the movie Suicide Squad.It can be said that Will Smith’s Deadshot is quite round and it is not surprising that Smith’s acting becomes the highlight of the film. Playing the role of the notorious hired killer – Floyd Lawton – with the familiar name Deadshot, he showed a hidden corner of an assassin who is the image of a father who always thinks and looks towards his daughter. Deadshot is a sharpshooter with sharp owl eyes – just like his mouth. Deadshot is a leader to be trusted. But behind his actions is a father’s endless love for his children, all for the purpose of making money to provide for his daughter. Will Smith once again captures viewers’ hearts with the image of a killer father who always desires to gain custody of his children,


Collateral Beauty – A Howard on a journey to find the “beauty of life”

Will Smith: The great father from life to the screen - Photo 4.

The movie Collateral Beauty is a psychological work revolving around the story of Howard – a poor father who has to go through a great loss when he loses his baby daughter. The father even chose to write letters as a way to relieve his mind, and unexpectedly, fate answered him with new people, new stories to pull him back to an Italian life. means. Black actor Will Smith starred in the film with the character Howard. The image of a father wearing dark clothes, cycling slowly on the streets, completely ignoring everything around him, trying to find moments with his little daughter, will really leave a lot of emotions. deeply in the mind of the audience.


For Will Smith: Family is always number one

Will Smith: The great father from life to the screen - Photo 5.

For Will Smith, family love is the catalyst and motivation for him to succeed and achieve the best awards. In the family, Will Smith always creates conditions for his children to pursue their passion for art and participate in projects with him because: “The family will bond when we work together”. That is the driving force for them to move forward together, the catalyst to unite them. From the image of a great father on the big screen to a real image in real life, Will Smith increasingly asserts his position in the hearts of fans and world cinema.


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