WWE legend “The Rock” into Hollywood STAR: Amazingly transformed muscles


WWE legend, 48 years old, Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” has undergone an incredible body transformation over the past 30 years. If you look at the image in the past compared to the physique of the current American wrestling chart, no one will be able to recognize it as him.

Dwayne Johnson became a top star in many fields thanks to his muscular body 

Earlier photos showed that the Hawaii-born superstar had black hair, while now he is completely bald. But the biggest difference was his muscular body. Former wrestler, movie actor, model…also has some new t attoos on his body. 


The muscles of “The Rock” have changed drastically since his WWE debut in 1996. The body transformation helped “The Rock” become a WWE superstar and transform into a movie legend, where he is a regular. play other action movies. 


The 48-year-old star, who had only £5 at the start of her film career, and made £73 million in 2019, became Hollywood’s highest-paid athlete that year. 


He is also the highest paid celebrity on Instagram, bringing in £800,000 per post on his 192 million followers account. According to The Sun, this wrestler now owns a fortune of about 243 million pounds.

Remarkable transformation images of “The Rock” over the past 30 years

Unrecognizable, “The Rock” was a very normal kid when he was young

When he was a kid, “The Rock” was quite cute

When debuting WWE in 1996, “The Rock” looked quite fat


“The Rock” looks a bit innocent right now


His body then became leaner 

“The Rock” is now a WWE star


And this is the perfect “makeover”

The 48-year-old movie star is one of the characters with the most impressive body on the planet 


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