Fast X Part 2 Release Date: When Is The Next Fast 10 Sequel Coming Out?


Fast X Part 2 Release Date
Fast X Part 2 Release Date

Fans want to know the Fast X Part 2 release date following the first part’s cinematic release. Unfortunately, there’s going to be a bit of a wait for fans looking to know what happens next with Dom Toretto and his family in the Fast 10 sequel.

The Fast X Part 2 release date is 2025.

Vin Diesel confirmed that the second part of Fast X would be coming in 2025. That will mean a two-year wait for fans waiting to see what happens next.

The exact month and day will be announced closer to the release and this post will be updated accordingly. For now, 2025 is the ballpark period that we’ve got to work with.

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Vin Diesel confirmed to the CinemaCon 2023 Last Vegas crowd that: “After this explosive summer, I will have the privilege of coming to you for Part 2 in 2025.”

While Fast X ended with a bang, it was open-ended enough to allow certain characters — both good and evil — to return in a sequel or second part. Clearly, that was the plan, with Part 2 now being planned for 2025.


Without diving into any spoilers, those that have seen Fast X can probably imagine how Part 2’s story will go, with some surprising team-ups against a very determined villain. With Vin Diesel teasing the end of the franchise coming sooner rather than later, viewers can expect the stakes to become even higher and the insane action to be pushed even further.

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