Why Fans Are Jumping to Travis Kelce’s Defense After an Old Video With His Ex Reportedly Resurfaced


Travis Kelce

Fans of Travis Kelce are jumping to defend the Kansas City Chiefs tight end after an old video of him with an ex-girlfriend resurfaced.

The old clip reportedly shows Kelce licking a woman’s stomach, and fans of Kelce and his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, aren’t having any of the criticism—for a couple of different reasons.

Many people think the backlash is unreasonable and people shouldn’t be spreading the video at all, with a fan writing, “LMFAOOO everyone is freaking out over a 6 second video of TK licking his ex girlfriends stomach on the beach. GROW UPPPPP yall are ridiculous.”

They added in a reply, “Stop posting about it and stop spreading it. It’s an old video and that relationship has ended.”

Thankfully, it seemed like there were a lot of people who hadn’t even heard about the video, with many sharing their honest reaction to the news.

“That’s it??? i thought he actually did something wrong,” wrote one fan, as another said, “is that really what everyone is talking about😭😭😭 .” Others brought up the fact that Swift has a lot of young fans, which could’ve contributed to the mixed response.

Meanwhile, some Swifties had another reason to argue that the resurfaced video wouldn’t be a problem for the singer, using Swift’s own lyrics as support.


Referencing her Tortured Poets Department song “So High School,” which is believed to be about Kelce, a fan said, “Yall Taylor Swift literally wrote ‘touch me while your bros play gta’ and ‘your friends are around so be quiet I’m trying to stifle my sighs’ about this man.”

They argued that Swift likely wouldn’t be offended by Kelce’s past actions, noting that some of her lyrics are sexual in nature and that she’s an adult in a regular relationship with him.

An eloquent Swiftie added, “Maturity is realizing your partner has a past and so do you- you can’t erase them and shouldn’t obsess on them.”

Before Swift and Kelce started dating, the “Fortnight” singer had been in a years-long relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, while Kelce was in an on-and-off relationship with Kayla Nicole for five years.



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